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Fic: The Steadfast Tin Mountie

Title: The Steadfast Tin Mountie
Fandom and Pairing: Due South AU, RayK and Fraser
Rating: G
Length: 537
Summary: My take on The Steadfast Tin Soldier. Ray is a porcelain ballerina who thinks he will never be sold
AN 1:An expanded version of The Steadfast Tin Mountie I wrote for the dsc6dsnippets prompt: Challenge 13 Photo Prompt.
Also for the ds_aprilfools prompt Author's Choice: AU.

Once upon a time in a land not so far away a man named Mort lived above his toy shop. Maybe some day his story will be told, but this story is about a porcelain ballerina named Ray who also lived in Mort's shop.

Ray sat on a dusty self, the dust bunnies and cobwebs his only friends. He watched as the others toys were sold, but he never was because he was missing a leg. After a while he stopped getting to know the other toys, while he was happy they had homes it hurt too much to see his friends leave. He'd rather the other toys think of him as the cold ballerina without a heart than for them to see his broken heart- of course if any of the toys actually called him the cold ballerina he'd threaten to kick them in the stuffing.

Ray spent every night in the city made of blocks. Sometimes he would close his eyes and pretend the blocks of wood and brightly colored paint were buildings of stone and brick and he lived far away.

One day a box full of tin Mounties was put next to Ray. Over the following weeks the Mounties were sold one by one until there was one Mountie left. Ray thought it was D-U-M dumb that that Mountie was never sold just because he was missing a leg. To Ray he was the most regal of all the Mounties; Fraser as he liked to be called, stood still during the day, his red paint glistening in the sunlight and at night he would stand guard in Ray's block city. Once Ray realized the Mountie wouldn't be sold he decided to take a chance and get to know him. On a night when the moon was full and the crickets chirped, Ray went down to his block city and while Fraser stood guard Ray told him stories of the games they would play once they were sold. One night turned into many until Ray couldn't remember a time without Fraser and their nightly stories. If Fraser minded that Ray always got to be the hero he never said anything.

One bright spring day a boy with white hair walked into the shop. He looked over the toys. Some he would pick up and turn around in his hand only to set them down again. Finally he came to Ray and Fraser's shelf. He picked them up and Ray thought 'oh great here we go again'. Instead of setting them down like Ray expected, the boy held them and smiled.

Ray stood on a dust-free shelf and couldn't help but grin. The sleeping boy's small fingers were wrapped around Fraser and Fraser had a smile on his face. The boy had played with them all day until his mother had told him it was time for bed.

Ray jumped down from his self and landed with a bounce on the boy's bed. Ray laid down next to Fraser and whispered stories to him.

As Ray spoke of all the adventures they would have, his grin got bigger and bigger.

Not only did Ray finally have a home but he also had two friends.
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