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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

Fave tv character meme

'Reply and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.'

Here are the fandoms annundriel gave me.

Jimmy Novak. I love tragic characters and his final scene 'take me instead' still gets me every time. The fact that Jimmy was completely different from Castiel (even the way they walked was different) just proved what a great actor Misha is.

Doctor Who.
I may or may not have watched All Creatures Great and Small when I was a kid and I may or may not have had a crush on Tristan, so I'm going to go with the Fifth Doctor.

Slings & Arrows.
Jerry Appleby (aka Macbeth understudy) not only to I love underdog characters, I also love when Jerry's wife told the guy who was supposed to play Macbeth to shut up.

Due South.
RayK. I love how not only is he very different from Fraser, but he's also very different from RayV. If RayK hade been just a blond version of RayV, I don't think I would have liked him nearly as much.

I love that he hugs another character in his first episode.

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