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The Bad Faith Attacks on Archive of Our Own Have to End.

Seriously, Purity Police again? For all the talk about child porn on the site I’ve never actually seen any (not that I go looking for it, but with the way Purity Police talk it is everywhere). I really wish they would just make their own site and leave AO3 alone, but then that would be a lot more work than complaining about how the site doesn’t cater to them. The last Purity Police got their way Strikethtough happened. If Strikethrough is anything to go by, the first they would get rid of is Slash/Femslash because people think we’re wrong in the real world.


Here’s my Instagram nametag if anyone wants to follow me.

Trans Bracelet

I’ve been getting into to making friendship bracelets and made one based on the colors of the trans flag. Proud to be transguy! I’m still not out to my family, but I’m definitely out to my on-line peeps
In case anyone is interested, I turned one of my fanfics to an original work over at Wattpad A Walk In The Woods

Cat Pictuee

Here’s a picture of my cat Napoleon or as I like to call him Big Orange Bastard.

Fun Fact: I tell people he’s named Napoleon because I thought it would a cute name but he’s really name after The Napoleon Of Crime, Jim Moriarty. That is the most fandom thing I’ve ever done


Due South: Fic: A Walk In he Woods

Title: A Walk In The Woods
Fandom: Due South
Characters: Fraser/RayK, Turtle and Dief
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,453
Summary: Ray takes a walk
An: Written for the ds_flashfiction Prompt: Bob Ross episode titles- A Walk In The Woods

here at Ds_flashfic DW

It never fails

Any time makes a post on Tumblr about AO3 without fail someone has to post about how they hate it because it allows fics they don’t approve of and they should be taken off the site. Every time I see that I cringe because if they had their way the next fics to be taken off would be slash fics because A. people think we are sick and wrong in real life and B. It’s happened before (see: Strikethrough)

Seriously, if they hate AO3 so much they should just make their own website where they can ban all the fics they want.

There are plenty of fics I don’t like, but I do something surprising and ignore them.

Squares Knitted Blanket

Squares Blanket Pictures and Pattern

Pictures and PatternCollapse )

Sparky’s Story

This is such a great picture of my cat Sparky! I love the color of her eyes.

I’ve had Sparky for almost eight years. For those of you who don’t know the story of how I got Sparky, pull up a seat.

One day I walked outside and heard the most awful screeching noise (it was worse than I a dial-up modem) and I popped the hood of our car in the driveway to find this tiny kitten staring up at me amidst the wires and engine. That is also how she got the name Spark Plug (Sparky for short). We think someone’s cat had kittens and they chucked her into our driveway. The vet said she couldn’t have been more than eight weeks old and I doubt she made it to our driveway by herself. If that’s true, that’s a pretty crappy thing to do to a kitten, but it was good because now she has a loving home.



Tw- Blue Eyes
I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

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