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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

Title: Everything Changes
Fandom: Torchwood/ Dr Who
Summary: Weekly drabble challenge at notcannon: Gwen POV.
Rating: G
AN: Has nothing to do with the episode, I just borrowed the title. Unbetaed so if there are any mistakes please let me know.notcannon is a Ianto Jones Tenth Doctor community.

When Jack left with Ianto and the Doctor, I didn’t have much work to do at Torchwood. I tried making the coffee once; Owen was livid that I ruined his leather jacket.

Sometimes I think the only reason Jack hired me, was so that he would have someone to confide in. When I discovered I was pregnant my decision was not difficult to make. I'm sure Andy and Owen will get along, eventually.

I'm much happier now; instead of chasing Weevils I chase little Rhys. He won't go anywhere without the sonic teddy bear his uncles gave him last Christmas.

Comments are appreciated.
Tags: drabble, gwen, notcannon

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