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Southland 03x02

Not so much a review, but more like a list of scenes I really liked. There were so many to choose from in this episode.

The scene where John was watching Ben make out with Sally; from the look on his face you'd think John was one in love. Maybe the slash goggles are on too tight, but I swear the last time he had that kind of smile on his face he was looking at Ceaser.

The look on Ben's face when he found out he wouldn't be partnered with John; the term someone-kicked-his-puppy comes to mind. Ben's come a long way from wanting to punch John in the face in the first episode, that's for sure. And John's 'Dewey was passionate and focused, like you' line shows that he's come a long way from thinking Ben's just some rich kid who wants to be a cop just for kicks. I like how John and Ben's partnership has developed for the course of the show.

Dewey singing. It looked like John was using every last bit of his willpower not to throw Dewey out of the car. Love how John just threw his hands in the air during the mariachi band scene. I'm sure going back to Ben asking him about his back pain will seem like a vacation.

When John kicked down the motel door I couldn't help but notice that he grimaced; his back pain may not have been explicitly touched on in this episode, but it is just under the surface and very subtly at that. I'm sure most other shows would hit people over the head with that kind of plotline.

Special mention has to go to Lydia's 'Tuna boat, my ass' line; she said what I was thinking (she would have cleaned Dewey's clock). And Sammy's 'once you go brown, you stick around' line; mostly because of the expression on Nate's face after that line.

Loved John's little smirk when he said he didn't have a Sally story. When Ben said he left his car at Sally's it seemed like he would have asked John for a ride if she hadn't shown up just than.

Oh, Sammy. Love really is a bitch, isn't it. The poor guy can never catch a break.
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