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Title: Fanart for my drabble 'Now, bring me some figgy pudding'

Tosh: 'Great card, Ianto.'
Ianto: 'I try my best.'
Owen: 'I still think it's a stupid name.'

Title: Now, bring me some figgy pudding.
Author: love_jackianto
Written for the tw100 Challenge: Christmasolstikwanzakah Songs
Characters: Ianto, Owen, Tosh
Rating: G

Owen stood inside the brightly decorated Hub. 'We never did give it a cool name.'

'I thought we agreed to call it the non-denominational winter celebration,' Tosh said; not even looking away from her computer.

'I said a cool name.'

Ianto walked over, and handed Tosh a large plate. 'How about we just call it the 1st annual Torchwood Christmasolstikwanzakah party?'

'Good one, tea-boy. I'd like to see that on a card.'

'I thought it was catchy.'

'Don't mind him, Ianto. I think it's very catchy.'

As Ianto turned and walked away, Owen remembered. 'Hey! Where's *my* figgy pudding.'

Comments are always appreciated.
Tags: drabble, fanart, ianto, owen, torchwood, tosh, tw100

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