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Content. Claim: Castiel. Theme table 01

Title: Content
Author: love_jackianto
Character/Pairing: cat!Cas and cat!Dean
Theme: Theme 01: Elemental
Prompt(s): Dirt
Rating: G
Word Count: 178
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: second part of the Cat AU

Sunlight streamed across Becky's couch warming the cushions. Dean was curled into a ball and Cas watched him sleep. Dean was a puzzle; he enjoyed food and his stomach being rubbed by Becky, but he also seemed to think he didn't deserve to live in a house with his brother Sam.

Castiel wondered what it must be like to think you don't belong. Even though all he remembered about his life before Chuck was the smell cardboard and the feeling of his siblings all around him, Cas remembered feeling content.

Castiel yawned and as he stretched from head to tail he felt his back muscles loosen. He thought about getting up and looking for his catnip mouse, but the sun light was so warm that he curled up next to Dean and closed his eyes. As Castiel fell asleep, Dean nuzzled against him and Cas let the scent of dirt and something that could only be described as 'Dean' follow him into his dreams. It wasn't the smell of cardboard, but it was the same feeling of contentment.
Tags: 30 snapshots, castiel, dean, supernatural

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