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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

ds_aprilfools prompt table

01.differences (fic) 02.cold and damp (fic) 03.
safety (icon)
04.risk (fanart) 05.maple leaf (icons)
06.darkness (screencap) 07.defining moment (fic) 08.in a mood (fic) 09.milk and cookies (fanart) 10.by the book
11. "Three days long?" (fanart) 12.all or none 13.missing person (fanart) 14.organization 15.slumber (comic)
16.radio silence (fic) 17.uncommon behaviour (comic) 18.breathe (fic) 19.worse for the wear 20.new horizons (fic)
21.casual (comic) 22."Don't argue." 23.Canadian Wildlife (icon) 24.classic 25.disguise
26.trophy (comic) 27.falsely accused (comic) 28.Author’s Choice AU (fic) 29.Author’s Choice: Dief (fic) 30.Author’s Choice: held (fanart)

Tags: aprilfools, due south

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