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Title 1: Crime and punishment (rated G)
Title 2: Ianto's law (rated G)
Characters: Ianto, Owen
Summary: Two slightly connected drabbles written for tw100
Word Count: 200

Title: Crime and Punishment
For the tw100 challenge: Domestic Chores
Characters: Owen POV

That stupid flying lizard is staring at me. I swear if she tries to bite me again, I'll feed her stupid stuffed sheep to Janet. At least Janet always seems happy to see me; we both like chicken, pineapple pizza.

I really hate having to clean out Myfanwy's nest; I'm going to smell like grass and wet-pterodactyl all day. I least I don’t have to clean up alien slime, again.

All this just because I broke tea-boy's precious coffee maker; not so much broke as exploded. Although, they still haven't found out that I put Myfanwy's sauce on my pizza.
Title: Ianto's law
Characters: Ianto, Owen
For the tw100 challenge: Open
Summary: Ianto's law: Never expect mercy from someone you constantly refer to as tea-boy.
AN: This drabble was inspired by donutsweeper's drabble 'Jack's law', thank you for the idea.

As Owen scrubbed the floor, he grumbled.

'After you've finished cleaning the Weevil cages, you can give Myfanwy a bath.'

'No way, the last time I went near that flying lizard she tried to use my leather jacket as a chew-toy '

'Ok. I'll just tell Jack that you broke the coffee machine when you used those alien coffee beans.'

'How was I supposed to know they would explode?'

'You said you would do anything if I didn't tell him.'

'I thought you'd make me buy coffee, not complete a bloody chore list.'

'There are only seven more chores left.'
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An1: Jack's Law
Tags: drabble, ianto, owen, torchwood, tw100

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