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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

Title: In a Mood
Fandom: Due South
Characters/pairings: Dief, Fraser/RayK, turtle
Rating: PG
Word Count: 232
Summary:Dief's in a mood for a doughnut
AN: Written for the ds_aprilfools prompt:In a Mood

Dief yawned and stretched. He thought about taking nap and he hoped he would have the dream where doughnuts fell from the sky like rain and Spiky Hair gave him a bully rub, he liked that dream.. Dief got up and walked to Spiky Hair's sleeping room, if he couldn't have doughnuts that fell from the sky he could at least get a belly rub, but the door was closed and Dief could hear Spiky Hair and Beta Benton mating, again. With all the mating they did Dief wondered why there were no pups; Beta Benton had tried to explain it once but Dief has been distracted by liking Spiky Hair's ear. Of course if there were pups Dief would have to take it upon himself to show them how to beg for treats from Spiky Hair.

Thinking about treats made Dief's stomach growl like the little brown dog down the street and Stomach Dog was in a mood for something sweet. Dief walked over to Green Rock's glass box and barked. A doughnut flew from the box and landed in Dief's mouth with a snap of his jaws.

As Dief laid down and turned on the tv with his paw, while licking sugar from his muzzle, he wondered where Green Rock got the doughnut from but he thought it best not to look a doughnut bearing Green Rock in the mouth.
Tags: aprilfools, dief, due south, turtle

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