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Title: Trickster
Fandom: Due South
Characters/pairings: Dief, Turtle
Rating: PG
Word Count: 214
Summary: Turtle has a secret
Written for the ds_aprilfools prompt: by the book.
AN: Sequel to 'In a Mood'

Most of the time Loki watched as the world passed him by. He watched Benton as he fought for justice, he stayed silent and hidden when Victoria came back only moving when Dief was hurt and alone. After he helped Benton get the masks back, he hid again but in a body no one would recognize

All things considered, if his wife could see him now, Loki didn't know what she'd say; Loki still had nightmares about the black reptilian eyes of the snake that dipped poison on him, but he felt this way he was facing his fear. Over the years Loki had gone by many names; Anansi the spider, Eric the trickster raven, now he was known as Speedy the turtle.

'Speedy' heard a demand for a doughnut barked at him and he produced a doughnut that couldn't be made by following any cook book. A crunchy, light brown pastry that tasted of snow hare with pick frosting and dark blue snozzberry sprinkles. 'Speedy' walked over to his rocked that had warmed by a lamp and went to sleep. Instead of dreaming about dark snake eyes, he dreamed about Dief and himself running through a field of brightly colored flowers. His wife was there too holding a can of paint and laughing.
Tags: aprilfools, dief, due south, turtle

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