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Due South, Fraser/Ray, Morning Came, NC-17

Title: Morning Came (Revised)
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 1125
Originally written for the ds_snippets Challange 35 prompt: morning came, but nothing changed, the world outside looked much the same. Original version Morning Came here
Summary: For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, Ray and Fraser are kissing on Ray's couch.
AN: Thanks to eviinsanemonkey for the betaing. Any mistakes are mine.

For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, Ray and Fraser were kissing on Ray's couch. Couch springs squeaked and Fraser's flannel shirt was soft under Ray's hands. Ray was pushed against the arm of the couch and Fraser's was pulling on Ray's hair. Ray's tongue explored Fraser's mouth and Ray was trying his hard not to grind his hard cock against Fraser. Over the past week they had done little more than make out like a couple of horney teenagers and Ray wasn't going to press his luck. When Fraser was ready for sex Ray would be ready too. If the kissing was anything to go by, boy would Ray be ready.

Suddenly Fraser broke the kiss.

'I know we haven't been in a relationship long, but I want... what I mean is... Can we make love?' Fraser said blushing.

It took Ray several moments to figure out what Fraser had said, all the blood meant for Ray's brain must have moved south, it must have been too long because Fraser stammered out, 'Oh dear... I've overstepped my bounds. I should go, shouldn't I?

'Yes,' Ray blurted out and Fraser looked crestfallen. Realizing his mistake Ray continued, 'I mean hell yes I'd want to have sex with you.' Ray pulled Fraser to him.

Fraser grinned and Ray couldn't help but grin back. They got up from the couch and made their way to the bedroom. Even though the bedroom wasn't very far away it still took a while because they stopped every once in a while to kiss.

Once in the bedroom Ray pulled at Fraser's flannel shirt. The buttons were hard to undo with Fraser kissing him, but at least Ray didn't have to deal with all the buttons and straps on Fraser's uniform. Fraser stopped kissing and pulled Ray's shirt over Ray's head. When Ray looked at Fraser, Ray's cock twitched. Fraser's hair was messy, almost experimental, his nipples were dark against pale skin and his stomach had a fine dusting dark hair on it. Fraser seemed to be taking in Ray as well. When Fraser's gaze settled on Ray's stomach, Fraser wet his lips.

'Like what you see,' Ray asked. He grinned and popped the button on his jeans.

'Very much so.'

Ray moved close to Fraser and placed a kiss on the corner of Fraser's mouth. 'You ever done this before? With a guy I mean.'

'Not as such.'

'What's that mean?' Ray asked as he unbuttoned Fraser's jeans.

'I've read several books on the subject. Have you ever made love to a man?'

Ray smirked. Leave it to Fraser to try to learn about sex from a book.

'Well, Benton-buddy, as you know I'm a hands on kind of guy and while I haven't done this with a guy either, I plan to get lots of hands on experience tonight.'

Ray unzipped his jeans and let them and his boxers fall around his feet. He then watched as Fraser pulled his own jeans and underwear down. Fraser's cock was hard and thick, the tip was a deep red.

Ray stepped out of his underwear and jeans and pushed Fraser back onto the bed. Fraser landed with a bounce and laughed when Ray fell forward on top of him.
They kissed and ground their hips against each other.

Ray licked Fraser's neck and Fraser startled.

'What? You thought you were the only one who could lick things?' Ray said with a laugh.

Ray wasn't sure how to start, but his instincts were telling him to just do what he liked to have done to him and hopefully Fraser would like it too.

After several minutes Ray wrapped his hand around Fraser's cock and reveled in the feeling of warm, smooth skin against his hand.

'Oh Ray. Yes,' Fraser said as his hands traveled up and down Ray's back.

Ray thought that if one cock was good, two would be even better. Ray wrapped his hand around both their cocks. He had barely started stroking when Fraser's hand joined his and the stroked together. The slid of skin against skin felt so good Ray knew he wouldn't last long but Fraser beat him to it. Fraser came with a shout and a shudder. Ray continued to lick Fraser's neck and stroke both cocks until he came too. After a few seconds of laying on top of Fraser, Ray thought about getting up to get a washcloth, or least moving off of Fraser to give the guy some room to get rid of his jeans and underwear all the way, but Fraser was so warm and holding Ray so tight. Ray closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Ray awoke still on top of Fraser. He rolled over and sat up. Rubbing the crust from his eyes he looked around his room and marveled at how normal everything looked. His ripped Hard Core Logo poster was still on the wall and a pile of dirty clothes was still on the floor. Even his lava lamp with the lava stuck to the bottom looked the same. Outside his window the sky looked gray and ready to rain. He had thought that the world would look different after he and Fraser had had sex, but it looked exactly the same. He thought it should at least be a sunny day. Ray was too old to think sex would lead to lollipops and rainbows, but he still thought the world should look like how he felt. For the first time in a long time he felt happy to be Ray Kowalski.

Ray laid back down and pulled his blanket over his head. Fraser pulled him close and nuzzled Ray's neck. Ray couldn't help but laugh as Fraser lips tickled his skin. One of Ray's hands combed through Fraser's hair while the other rubbed Fraser's back. Fraser's cock was hard against Ray's hip and being the considerate guy he was, Ray and reached down to stroke Fraser cock. After only a few strokes Fraser came and collapsed on top of Ray. Ray thought about taking care of his own hard cock, but decided to just enjoy the feeling of Fraser all around him.

Ray held Fraser tight and grinned to himself. Just last week he would have bet that Fraser didn't even know what sex was, let alone that he wanted sex. Ray couldn't wait to make up for lost time sex-wise. He'd bet that Fraser would look great all soaped up in his shower.

The world outside might look the same, but inside a cocoon of blankets it couldn't be more different. Maybe Ray will even be able to talk Fraser into keeping the messy, experimental hair. It certainly looked good on him.
Tags: due south, fic, fraser/rayk

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