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The Avengers (movieverse), Steve/Tony, NC-17

Title: Ninety Pound Weakling
Fandom/Characters: The Avengers (movieverse) Steve/Tony
Rating: Nc-17
Media: fanfic
Word Count: 1250
Written for my Steve Rogers avengers prompt table Prompt: Fear
Summary: Steve wakes up in a hospital bed.

Steve woke up in a stark white room. Bright lights hurt his eyes and smell of antiseptic made him cough. As he bent over and coughed he felt Tony's hand on his back.

'Easy there, tiger,' Tony said as he rubbed Steve's back.

If being in a strange room hadn't made Steve concerned, than the worry in Tony's voice did. Tony cocky was normal, smug Tony was to be expected, but Tony never let worry show.

Steve stopped coughing and tried to remember what happened. The only thing he could remember was a crumbling building (metal beams had stuck out of concrete like broken ribs) and a blast of bright light.

'What happened,' Steve asked.

'There was an ambush and Loki... Well maybe I should just show you.'

Tony walked over to a table and pick something up. He went over to Steve and held up a mirror. Steve looked at the face in front of him in shock. He touched his face, but still couldn't believe it. That face was something he thought he would never see again.

Steve was laying on his hospital bed when nurse Rachel came in the room. Steve braced himself for her flirting, but she barely she two words to him.

As she was taking yet another vial of Steve's blood she asked, 'Have you been with S.H.I.E.L.D long?'

'It's me, Steve Rogers.'

To Rachel's credit she didn't even bat an eye. Working for S.H.I.E.L.D tended make people expect the extraordinary.

'You're Steve Rogers as in Captain America Steve Rogers?'

Steve didn't know how to answer that. He might be Steve Rogers but he might not be Captain America at the moment. He wasn't even going to think about the change being permanent.

Steve stepped out of Tony's shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. It used to be that the towel barely fit around him, but now he had to wrap it around himself twice. He was glad for the steam that fogged up the mirror. He wasn't ready to look at himself, not just yet.

Steve walked into Tony's bedroom and stood in front of a full length mirror. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Steve opened his eyes and let his eyes traveled past bony shoulders, down over a thin chest and stopped at a flat stomach and protruding ribs. Steve knew he had been a small man before the serum, but coming face to face with the Steve he had been before was still disconcerting It wasn't that he was afraid of being small again, it was that he wouldn't be Captain America again. Without Captain America he was just plain old Steve Rogers 4F. Coulson had put him on leave until they figured out what had happened.

Steve was just about to put clothes on when he heard the bedroom door open. Tony came up behind Steve and wrapped his arms around Steve's waist.

As he kissed and licked Steve's shoulder Tony said, 'Just so you know, all your tests came back normal.'

'Is that good or bad?' Steve asked as Tony moved on to sucking on Steve's neck.

'That's good. That means whatever Loki did only effected your appearance. Thor said it should only last a day or two.'

'Great,' Steve said even though there was a tiny voice in his head that said it was too good to be true. 'So I take it that means once this spell wears off I'll be... You know.'

Tony's hands slid down Steve's stomach and his fingers dipped under the towel. 'Yep. You'll be back to being good old Cap in no time. I think we should celebrate.'

'Oh. I wonder what that will be,' Steve said even though he knew exactly what Tony meant, sometimes it was good to egg Tony on.

Tony unwrapped Steve's towel and said with a grin. 'Let me show you than.'

Tony palmed the tip of Steve's cock. He rubbed it with his fingers, the calluses on his hand catching skin and making Steve groan. Tony looked down at Steve's cock in the mirror and his grin got bigger. 'Well at least there's one part of you the serum didn't need to make any bigger.'

'Should I leave you two alone?'

'Nah. It's hotter when you watch.'

Steve couldn't help but smile. Even though he was now a foot shorter and a hundred plus pounds lighter, the banter still came easy.

Reaching down, Tony gripped Steve's cock, stroking it from root to tip. Steve concentrated on the movement of Tony's hand, on the feeling of Tony's suit against his bare skin. Before Steve met Tony he had had no idea that wool could be so erotic. Steve stared at himself in the mirror his pupils were blown and his mouth hang open.

As Tony stroked, Steve's cock hardened and Steve couldn't help but thrust forward into Tony's hand. After a few minutes Steve came and leaned against Tony. Steve felt Tony's hard cock pressed against his hip.

'Do you want me to take care of you?' Steve asked.

'Sure, Tony said as he moved his hands to Steve's hips and rubbed them with gentle finger tips. Steve closed his eye and breathed deeply the scent of Tony's cologne.

Steve opened his eyes. 'Move over to the bed and take your pants off.'

'Ooh. I like this already,' Tony said with a grin.

Steve turned around to see a pantsless Tony wearing a pair of very familiar pair of white and blue striped boxer shorts.

'Tony, are you wearing my boxers?'

Tony looked down at himself and his grin turned into a smirk. 'Yep. Is it a turn-on?'

Steve was about to say no when he thought about Tony spending all day in his underwear Steve's cock twitched. The good and bad thing about the serum was that Steve had almost no refractory period.
Tony sat down on the bed. He spread his legs and waited. Steve went over to Tony and dropped to his knees. Settling between Tony's thighs Steve ran his hands up and down those tan thighs and enjoyed the sounds Tony made above him.

Pulling Tony's cock out of Tony's boxers, Steve licked at the head and let the salty taste of per come sit on his tongue.

Steve opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around Tony's cock. Steve moved his head up and down the shaft, going a little farther down each time. Steve could never quite take all of Tony's cock into his mouth, but that didn't stop Steve from trying.

Tony's fingers gripped Steve's shoulders so tight that Steve was sure he would have even more finger shaped bruises on his skin.

Backing off until only the head of Tony's cock was in his mouth, Steve swirled his tongue around the head. Tony swore. Steve slowly lowered his head until all of Tony's cock was in his mouth. Steve didn't have much time to celebrate his victory because Tony came suddenly in Steve's mouth.

As Steve swallowed down come he wrapped his hand around his own cock and came with two quick strokes. Steve wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and heard Tony say, 'Damn, that was hot.' Steve just rested his head on Tony's thigh and enjoyed the feeling of Tony's fingers combing through his hair.

Steve might be a ninety pound weakling again, but that didn't seem to matter to Tony. That was going to make the spell bearable.
Tags: fic, steve/tony, the avengers (movieverse)

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