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Due South. Gen. fanfic. G

Title: I Want Candy
Fandom and Pairing: Due South. Gen. RayK and Turtle.
Rating: G
Length: 137
Written for the ds_snippets Prompt: Challenge 4 Candy
Summary: Why did Ray have Canadian Smarties in Eclipse

Ray woke up the day of the eclipse as a man on a mission. All his instincts were telling him that he needed to be ready. No matter what happened things were going to get resolved and he was going to show Ellery that he wasn't the kid who peed himself.

Ray walked into his living room and stopped at his turtle's tank.

'Hey, Killer. Can I have some of the good stuff,' Ray asked his turtle.

Killer poked his head out of his shell and pushed a box towards Ray.

Ray picked up the box and grinned. Canadian Smarties might look like squished M&Ms but there was nothing better in tap water coffee.

Someday Ray was going to have to figure out how Killed got Canadian candy but today he had bigger, laughing fish to fry.
Tags: ds_snippets, due south, rayk, snippet, turtle

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