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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

I'm taking part in the Due South 6 Degrees April Fools Challenge. I'll be posting at ds_aprilfools. I'll be posting Due South related, prompt inspired FanArt/Icons starting April 1st and I'll try to post one piece a day until May 1st.

01.last thought.
Dief FanArt
02.slow and steady.
Dief/Turtle Icons
03.secret lives.
RayK FanArt
04.full-contact sport.
RayK inspired Icon
05.movie popcorn.
Fraser inspired Icon
Fraser, RayK Icons
Fraser/RayK Fanart/Icons
08.first meeting.
Deif and/or RayK Icons
Fraser/RayK Icon
10.like a girl.
Elaine and Frannie Icons
11.video camera.
RayK Icon
12.off the map.
Fraser FanArt
13.bringing sexy back.
Fraser and/or RayK Icons
14.down and dirty.
Fraser Icon
15.milk chocolate.
Deif and Fraser FanArt
16.rock and roll.
RayK Icon
Fraser/RayK FanArt
18.play the part.
RayK Icon
RayK FanArt
Frannie,RayV Icon
21.a Canadian thing.
Due South Text Icons
22.behind my back.
Fraser Icon
23.just in time.
Fraser, RayK Icons
24.make me.
RayK FanArt
25.proper preparation.
Fraser Picspam
26.Fire and Water
Fraser and Billy Tallent Animated Icons
27.Dogs have all the fun
28.Reaching out hand
Fraser, RayK Hand!Porn Icons
Fraser, RayK Smile!Porn Icons
*Multi Fandom PG and CKR Icons

* Multi Fandom Icons: Blade 3(CKR),BSG(CKR), Due South(CKR and PG), Hard Core Logo(CKR), Slings and Arrows(PG)
Tags: due south

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