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Fic: The Accidental Husband (Chapter One of Four), Due South, Pg-13

Title: The Accidental Husband (Chapter One of Four)
Fandom/Chatacters: Due South. Fraser/RayK, Past Fraser/Victoria RayV/Stella, Dief, Various DS characters.
Rating: Pg-13
Word Length: This chapter-1878
Summary: Fantasy/Fairy AU. For reasons that will be explored at this juncture Fraser becomes RayK's husband
AN: This is NOT a WIP, each already completed chapter will be posted each Monday.
AN: My very first multi-chaptered fic. Yay me!


Eight year old Benton Fraser sat on the floor of his family cabin. Benton played with his tin royal guards. His favorite one, named Steve, stood guard in front of a block building. Someday, Benton was going to be a royal guard like his father and guard the queen. He would also help people.

Speaking of his father, Bob stood by a wash basin. He was cutting off his beard with a sharp knife. With each swipe of the blade more of Bob's face was revealed.

Bob hadn't shaved since Benton's mother died. Maybe his dad had lost himself and that's why he didn't shave.

Chapter One

Benton Fraser was no longer a boy, but he still helped people whenever he could.

"When he became a guard he dedicated his life to maintaining the right and helping people along with guarding the queen. When his father had been killed by an arrow, Fraser moved from the Northland to the Southland and for reasons that don't need exploring he stayed. Fairy queen Beth had her own guards, but Fraser still made it his mission to help people.

Now, Fraser was sitting in his office drinking a cup of tea. As the warm liquid touched his lips he thought of Victoria, her lips had been warm when they kissed even while her heart had been as icy as an ice flow. Even though he was sitting in a sun lit room that smelled of pine his thoughts were back at Fortitude Pass.

Fraser waded through waist-deep snow. Heavy, wet flakes fell all around him, but he was focused on the figure in front of him. Victoria was the mistress of darkness and she certainly looked like it. Her long dress blew all around her as she moved, like tendrils of darkness.

He had captured her and he was going to bring her to justice. They had been walking for hours and the storm was getting worse.

They moved to a cave and huddled together. Fraser stood there for hours, the sweet scent of Victoria surrounded him. As the sky darkened outside she began to speak.

Fraser gasped. Her voice was sweet and beautiful.

When he put her fingers in his mouth he was struck by how sweet her skin tasted. They stayed in that cave for days as the wind howled like a wounded caribou. Once the storm ended they left the cave.

Fraser almost let Victoria go, but in the end his sense of duty won out over his deep affection.

Fraser office door opened and he was startled out of his memories.

Constable Turnbull stood in the doorway.

'You have a message, sir,' Turnbull said as he handed Fraser an envelope.

Fraser took the envelope and inspected it. On the back was a red wax seal with a willow tree pressed into it. Fraser smiled. He hadn't heard from Ray in months. Ray had been assigned to King Jacob's royal guard and as Ray would say it was a full time job. He hoped Ray was well.

Fraser broke the seal and smiled again.

'Hey, Benny.

I'm getting hitched to Stella the star princess in a week and would like you to come.

Your friend, Ray.

P.S. Tell Dief not to eat all the wedding food. I paid good money for it.'

Fraser sat the letter down. Leave it to Ray to get straight to the point. He knew Ray loved Stella, they seemed to be in love from the first meeting, it was good one of them had found love. Fraser thought he had found love with Victoria, but it was not to be.

Dief barked from were he was laying under Fraser's desk.

'We're going to Ray and Stella's wedding.'

Dief barked.

'Of course there will be food, but Ray asked me to make sure you didn't eat it.'

'Food? I hope they have pemican,' Bob said as he appeared in front of Fraser. His father's sudden appearances used to startle Fraser, but now he used to it.

'Why would it matter to you? You're dead,' Fraser said to his father.

'Now, Son. Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I can't enjoy a nice piece of pemican.'

What would you do? Stare at it?'

'Of course not. I'd smell it. You could at least meet a nice princess and have little princes and princesses.'

'Honesty, Dad. Your obsession with grandchildren has to stop.'

'I'm only looking out for the family name. Your uncle did tarnish it with his unhealthily love of cabbage.

Fraser sighed. He hoped both Bob and Dief behaved themselves at the wedding, but it wasn't looking promising.

Later that night, Fraser went to the town library. Outside, the building was made of rough-cut white stone. Inside, selves full of leather bound reached from floor to ceiling. The air smelled of dust.

Fraser stopped by the reference desk.

'Hello, Mort,' Fraser said.

'Ah, Benton. I have a new book on wildlife for you.'

'Thank you kindly, but I'm here for a book about fairies.'

Mort wrote down where the book was. It always amazed Fraser that Mort knew where every single book was. Although Fraser assumed it wasn't much different from is ability to know where every form in the Consulate was.

Fraser took down a book and made his way to one of the many green padded chairs that sat in the middle of the room. Lanterns that hung from metal chains cast a yellow glow around the room.

Fraser bathed deeply the smell of books and dust always reminded him of his grandparents. Not only had his grandfather had many chickens, but George and his wife had many books. As a boy, Fraser would spend hours reading about great heroes.

He settled back against the chair and opened the book and began to read about fairy weddings, it was the least he could do for Ray.

The fairy castle sat on top of a grassy hill. Every spring flowers would bloom and cover the hill in color. Butterflies with golden wings would flit from flower to flower. The castle itself was made of stone that were impregnated with crystals that sparkled in the sunlight. Sometimes Fraser would stand amongst the flowers and imagine he was back in the Northland.

When Fraser arrived at the castle with Dief they were ushered into a large room. Paintings of people in old-fashioned clothes hung on the walls and a thick red and yellow rug stretched from wall to wall. Dief jumped on to the wooden four post bed that was in the middle of the room.

Fraser was admiring a painting when it winked at him. He had heard about living paintings, but he had never seen one.

He was still looking at the painting when he heard the door open.

'Benny!' Ray said as he wrapped Fraser in a hug.

'Hello Ray.'

When they stopped hugging Fraser got his first good look at Ray. The last time he had seen Ray, Ray had looked tired and his wings drooped. Now, his eyes were bright and his wings were glossy. His orange and blue tunic looked new, but was very forward when it came to fashion.

Dief ran up to Ray.

'Easy there. I don't want wolf fur on my new threads,' Ray said as he ruffled Dief's fur.

Ray looked at Fraser. 'You look good Benny.'

'Thank you kindly. So do you.'

'Thanks. Stella makes me feel good. She also makes me dizzy.'

'Are you sure you don't just have an innerear infection?' Trying to keep a grin off his face.

Ray's eyes went wide. 'Did you just make a joke?'

'I'm sorry, Ray. I just couldn't resist.'

'Let's go, Mr. Comedian. Ma heard you were coming and made that mutton you like.'

Ray threw his arm around Fraser's shoulder and lead him out of the room.

The Vecchio house was large. Ma Vecchio took great pride in her flower garden in the front yard.

As Fraser looked around the long dinning room table full of food he thought he might not have someone who made him dizzy, but he did have a wonderful friend with a wonderful family.

The day of the wedding approached quickly. Fraser tried his best to be helpful. If the wedding didn't happen in time it would be a long wait until the next wedding. According to the book Fraser had read fairies could only marry once every four years during an eclipse.

On the day of the wedding the royal ship was covered with white and purple flowers. The wedding was to take place in the middle of the lake called Dragon.

The wedding party stood in the main-room of the ship. Fraser was wearing his parade tunic and Dief had had his fur brushed. Turnbull was already crying into his monogrammed handkerchief.

Doors opened wide and Stella entered. Her long blond hair seemed to glow with a light all its own and her white and gold dress shimmered.

After Stella entered the room a man fairy burst into the room and stumbled to his seat.

'Get rid of him,' Inspector Thatcher said to Fraser.

'Yes, Sir.' Even though his job was to guard the queen he was also in charge of the wedding.

Fraser walked up to the fairy. He could smell the stench of alcohol on the fairies breath.

'Sir. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.'

Most people, or fairies for that matter, back down when they saw Fraser red tunic, but the fairy stood up and drew himself up to full height, his wings fluttered. He was at tall as Fraser and stared into Fraser's eyes.

'Really? Really! You going to make me?'

'If I have to,' Fraser said.

'You better make me than.'

With that Fraser grabbed the fairy by his shoulder and lead him out of the room. The fairy struggled for several seconds, but once he seemed to realize that Fraser wouldn't let him go he stopped and let himself be lead. Fraser considered putting the fairy in an unused room on the ship, but he wasn't going to risk the fairy ruining the room or hurting himself. The only opinion was to take the fairy to shore.

Fraser didn't want to miss Ray's wedding, but duty came first.

He put the fairy in a dingy, got in and had it lowered over the side.

Fraser was rowing when he saw a dark sharp slice through the water and head straight for the dingy. Fraser braced himself and the fairy stood up. Before Fraser could do anything the shape rammed the dingy and the fairy fell over the side and disappeared below the water.

Without even thinking Fraser took a deep breath jumped in after him.

Cold water surrounded him. He looked around until he spotted the fairy struggling in the water. Too many bubbles escaped as the fairy panicked. He swam up to the fairy and pressed their lips together, blowing air into his lungs. He grabbed onto the fairy and swam upward.

Once they broke the surface Fraser saw that the fairy was glowing.

'Oh, dear.'


'You're glowing.'

The fairy looked at his hand. His eyes went wide.

'Oh, damn.'
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