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Fic: The Accidental Husband (Chapter Two of Four), Due South, Pg-13

Title: The Accidental Husband (Chapter Two of Four)
Fandom/Chatacters: Due South. Fraser/RayK, Past Fraser/Victoria, RayV/Stella, Dief, Various DS characters.
Rating: Pg-13
Word Length: This chapter- 2142
Summary: Fantasy/Fairy AU. For reasons that will be explored at this juncture Fraser becomes RayK's husband
AN: This is NOT a WIP, each already completed chapter will be posted each Monday.
AN: All chapters here

Chapter Two

Not much is known about fairy weddings. What is known is that fairies must kiss in order to be married.

The water was cold and the fairy was heavy as Fraser swam, but he hardly noticed. He did however watch for the dark shape that had capsized their dingy. As he swam through the water the words he had read weeks ago ran through his head. Apparently buddy-breathing qualified as a kiss and they were married now.

When they made it to shore the fairy sat on the bank. His black robe was soaked through and through and water ran off his drooping wings. He ran his fingers through his wet hair.

'This really sucks.'

'Indeed. Are you aware of how we become unmarried?'

'Yep but we have to wait until the next full moon.'

Oh, dear. The next full moon was a month away.

'Since we seem to be married for the foreseeable future perhaps it would be prudent if we introduced ourselves.'

'Prudent? What the underworld kind a word is prudent? You a librarian or something?' The fairy grinned.

'No, I'm not a librarian. I am Constable Benton Fraser of the queen's royal guard.'

'Oh yeah. I'm Ray.'

Fraser's eyes went wide. Ray was not a very common name, not nearly as common Remplestilskin for example, so the fact that he knew two Rays was quite the coincidence.

'That suprise you? What? You never met a Ray before?'

'Of course I have. My friend is Ray Vecchio. Perhaps you know of him.

Ray grimaced. 'Yeah, I know of him.'

Ray shivered and wrapped his arms around himself. The water must have given him a chill.

'Perhaps you should go home and get warm,' Fraser said.

'Only if you go with me.'

Fraser licked his lips. He was confused. He had thought he and Ray would part company until the next full moon.

'You don't get it do you?' Well, let me spell it out for you. We are bonded now which means unless I want to spend the next month puking my guts outs where you go I go and where I go you go. We're a duet.'

Fraser helped Ray up and they walked.

It seemed like there was much Fraser didn't know about being married to a fairy, but he would learn.

Fraser stopped by his office. He wrote notes to Inspector Thatcher and Ray explaining he situation. Even as his pen slid across parchment he couldn't believe he was married to a fairy he didn't even know. He might be old-fanishioned, but he at least wanted to know the favorite color of the person he married.

He finished his notes and attached them to the legs of carrier owls. He watched as the owls flew towards the castle. The wedding party would be there.

'You wanna go to your house and get your stuff or do you want me to stay at your house,' Ray asked.

Fraser turned around to face Ray. 'I don't have a house I live in my office.'

Ray's eyes went comically wide. 'No way!'

'We can go to yor house if it makes you feel more comfortable.'

'Cool. Cool. Let's grab your stuff.'

Fraser collected his few things, sent an owl letter to Dief telling him where they were and they left.

The sun set painting the the sky in reds, oranges and yellows as Fraser and Ray came up to the boarding house that Ray lived in. The building was made of red brick. Flowers sat in white wooden boxes on the window sills.

As soon as they walked into the building Fraser caught the strong scent of lilac. They walked up creaking stairs and made their way to Ray's apartment.

Fraser looked around and was shocked by the chaos. The wood floor was covered with dirty robes, and papers. Cobwebs filled the corners of every wall.

A pile of robes moved and a turtle the size of a small pig appeared from under the robes.

'Hello,' Fraser said to the turtle.

'That's my girl, Pearl,' Ray said.

'It's nice to meet you.'

'It's nice to meet you to,' Pearl said.

Fraser was about to put his stuff down when there was a knock at Ray's door.

Ray Vecchio and Dief entered the room. Ray was glowing.

'Oh wow! You really did marry some guy. You gonna be all right?'

'I'll be fine, Ray.'

Fraser heard Ray gasped, but Ray Vecchio didn't seem to notice.

'Okay. I got to get back to Stella, but if you need anything you'll let me know right?'

'Of course.'

'Do you want to come to the castle? I know the bond means you cant be apart, but, you don't know anything about this guy.'

'Hey! I'm not going to do anything to him, Vecchio!' Ray yelled as he stepped forward, his fists clenched.

'I'm fine. If I need anything I'll be sure to let you know,' Fraser said trying to defuse the situation. The last thing he wanted was for Ray and Ray to come to blows.

'Okay, Benny. I'll see you later.'

Ray Vecchio left.

'Can you believe that guy?' Ray said as he turned around to look at Fraser. He was frowning.

'Ray was just looking out for my welfare. There was no need to be so upset. He was right I don't know anything about you.'

'What you wanna know?'

Fraser thought about it. There were so many things he wanted to know, but there was one thing he wanted to above all else.

'What's your favorite color?'

'I like black.'

'I like red. Is there anything you want to know about me?'

'What's up with the wolf. He your familiar or something?'

'No, he's just my companion.'

Dief barked from where he was sitting next to Ray. He seemed to be transfixed by Ray's blond hair.

'Dief would like you to know that he considers me his familiar.'

'Good to know. You wanna go to bed.'

'Of course it has been a very tiring day.'

Ray and Fraser walked into Ray's bedroom. Dief followed them. Like the rest of the apartment the room was disheveled. A large bed sat up against one wall. Blankets sat on the bed like a nest of wool. Dief jumped on the bed and laid down.

Ray pulled off his robe and Fraser closed his eyes to give him some privacy. Fraser heard a rustle of cloth. Once he opened his eyes Ray was wearing just a pair of underwear.

Fraser's eyes moved on their own accord down pale Ray's chest, past his flat stomach to Ray thick legs.

'You ready for bed?'

Fraser shook his head, he didn't trust himself to speak.

He quickly dropped his things and removed his tunic.

'Come on, Dief-Buddy. Off the bed.'

Dief jumped off the bed and left the room.

'Don't even think about trying to eat my turtle!' Ray yelled after Dief.

Ray turned off all the lanterns that were around the room and the room was bathed in darkness. Ray and Fraser moved to his bed and laid down. Fraser laid on his back and Ray laid on his side facing the wall. Almost as if he wanted to stay as far away from Fraser as possible.

Fraser lay in the darkness and thought about Ray. It wasn't so unbelivable that he was infatuated with Ray after one day, he had fallen in love with Victoria after hearing her voice after all. Perhaps infatuation was part of the spell. He would have to remember to ask Ray in the morning.
Fraser awoke to find Ray laying on his chest. Ray must have rolled over sometime in the night. It was all Fraser could do not to bring his arm up and touch Ray's wing. Ray was no longer glowing.

In the early morning light the membrane that made up Ray's wings took on a yellowish hue. The color swirled like oil mixed with water.

Suddenly Ray woke up. He grumbled and grimaced.

'I really married you yesterday didn't I? I thought I dreamed that.'

'You did indeed. Marry me I mean Are you all right?' Fraser asked.

'Nah. I've got one underworld of a hangover. It feels like my stomach's being tried in a knot. I'm lucky I didn't get sick last night.'

'Is there anything I can do?'

'Nah. Can we just lay here for a while?'

'Of course.'

Fraser assumed Ray would move his head, but he didn't. He didn't have any experience laying with another man, but being so close was strangely intimate. Maybe that was just Ray's personality or maybe it was even the bond.

They lay for several minutes.

Suddenly, Ray got up and bolted for the bathroom. Fraser heard the sound of Ray vomiting.

Fraser walked into the bathroom and saw Ray on the floor hugging his toilet.

'Could you help me to the couch?' Ray asked as he wiped his mouth.

Fraser helped Ray up and lead him to the couch. Ray laid down and closed his eyes. Fraser stood there not knowing what to do. He couldn't leave Ray even if he wanted to.

'Would you like anything?

'Could you get me a bucket in case I puke again?'

Fraser walked into Ray's small kitchen amd looked around. Like the rest of the apartment it was in disarray. The counters were covered with papers and there was a sink full of dirty dishes. Strange red fruits hung from a window.

As Fraser was looking under the sink for a bucket he heard Bob say,

'Well, this is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into.'

Fraser found a bucket and stood up. 'It's not as if I married Ray on purpose.'

'Of course. Just remember two very important things. One, a marriage is like a partnership and I forget what the second thing is.'

'I'll try to remember that.'

Fraser went back to the living-room. Ray was still on the couch laying on his side. Dief was curled up next to him. Ray's hand ran through Dief's fur and Dief looked pleased with himself.

'Here's your bucket.'

'Thanks. Who were you talking to in the kitchen?'

Fraser reached up to pull the collie of his tunic until he remembered he wasn't wearing one. Even though they were married, Fraser wasn't sure how Ray would react to a ghost. He decided to change to subject.

'Would you mind if I cleaned up you apartment?'

'Sure. Sure. Knock yourself out. Me and Dief will just hang here.'

Dief barked in agreement and seemed to snuggle closer to Ray.
Fraser had his arms in warm soapy water. He had spent most of the day cleaning and it gave him time to think about things. There was still much he didn't know about Ray and he had made a list of all the things he wanted to know. If marriage was like a partnership than it would be good to know his partner. He just didn't know how to start, he couldn't very well barrage Ray with questions.

Fraser finished the dishes and went back to living room. It was about time to strengthen his bond with Ray. Apparently they could be apart as long as it wasn't for very long.

He walked up to the couch and placed his hand on Ray's cheek.

Ray opened his eyes. 'Hey.'

'Hello. How are you feeling?'

'Much better. I'm starving.'

Fraser was struck with an idea. Ray Vecchio always talked about himself when they went out to eat. 'Ray would you like to go to dinner with me?'

Ray grinned. 'Sure.'
Later that night, Ray and Fraser returned to Ray's apartment. Fraser plan had worked better than he had expected. Ray had talked at length about his life while he ate an extraordinary amount of food. Ray's openess made Fraser want to be open as well, but there was some things that just couldn't be done.

Fraser took all the information and filed it away in his brain. Ray was very close to his parents. He was an only child. He had never been married before.

They walked into Ray's bedroom. Ray removed his robe and Fraser removed his tunic. They laid down on Ray's bed. Ray rested his head on Fraser's chest.

'Is it okay if I lay on you?' Ray asked in the darkness.

'It's okay. Ray can I ask you something?'


'Does our bond mean that I become infatuated with you?'

'Nah it doesn't work let that. What is it? You find me attractive or something?'

Maybe it was darkness or the fact that Ray was so open, but Fraser felt the need to admit something.

'I do.'

All Fraser heard was Ray snoring. Perhaps it was for the best that Ray hadn't heard that admission.
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