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Fic: The Accidental Husband (Chapter Three of Four), Due South, Pg-13

Title: The Accidental Husband (Chapter Three of Four)
Fandom/Chatacters: Due South. Fraser/RayK, Past Fraser/Victoria, RayV/Stella, Dief, Various DS characters.
Rating: Pg-13
Word Length: This chapter-1935
Summary: Fantasy/Fairy AU. For reasons that will be explored at this juncture Fraser becomes RayK's husband
AN: This is NOT a WIP, each already completed chapter will be posted each Monday.

Chapter Three

Snow fell as Fraser ran to a train. The train slowly gathering speed. As Fraser ran all he could think about was Victoria. He felt bad about leaving Dief and he didn't even want to think about Ray. All he could think was Victoria. Her darkness might very well consume him and he couldn't bring himself to care.

Fraser jumped onto the train just as pain exploded from his back. Victoria let him go and he fell backward. the shock in her eyes said more than any words. He lay on cold ground and repeated the words Victoria had said all those years ago.

Fraser startled awake. The room was still dark and quite, but the sounds of the train rang through his ears. If he concentrated he could still feel the snowflakes that fell on his face.

'You okay?' Ray said from where he had head on Fraser chest.

'I'm fine. Go back to sleep.'

'You sure? Talking about it might help.'

'It's fine.'

Fraser thought about telling Ray about his dream, but he didn't know how to explain it all to Ray. He wasn't just afraid of Victoria's darkness, but afraid of losing himself in general. While he was almost certain Ray didn't have darkness losing himself was still a concern. They had only known each other for a few days after all.

Fraser lay still until the sun rose filling the room with light.

Ray lifted his head. His hair was even moe spiky than usual. 'You wanna get up?'

'Of course.'

They got off the bed and Ray stretched, his back bowed, his wings opened and turned golden as the sunlight hit them. It was all Fraser could do not to look away.

They walked through the apartment. Died was on Ray couch and Pearl the turtle was laying on top of Dief.

'Good morning, Pearl. How are you today?' Fraser asked.

'You know she can't answer you, right?' Ray asked.

'Of course she can. You just don't believe hard enough.' Fraser said only partly joking.

'Hardy, ha ha very funny,' Ray said as he made his way to the kitchen.

'I think your humor is lost on him,' Pearl said.


'To answer your question, I'm good today. Dief makes a lovely mattress.'

'That's wonderful. I'm glad you are such fast friends.'

'Me too. I've never been friends with a wolf before. Does he really hunt things?'

'Only if they're baked goods.'

Dief lifted his head and grumbled.

Fraser chose to ignore him.

Fraser made his way to the kitchen. Ray was making breakfast by mixing sugar with oats and pouring the mixture into a bowl. He poured more oats into a second bowl and sat both bowls on the counter. Fraser picked up his bowl. As he chewed on his plain oats he also chewed on a question.

'Do you think we could go to my workplace today?' Fraser asked.

'Sure. Maybe tomorrow we could go to my workplace?'

'Of course. What do you do for a living?'

'If I told you that it wouldn't be a surprise,' Ray said with a wink.

As Fraser ate his breakfast he was looking forward to work. Perhaps if he threw himself into work he would be able to push aside his feeling for Ray.

Fraser sat at his desk and tried for the third time to write a note. If he had thought work would help distract him from his feelings for Ray he was sadly mstaken. Ray hadn't stopped moving since they arrived and Fraser hadn't stopped watching him. Ray turned and spun. His wings moved and caught the light. Someimes he would even shadow box. Each punch was fast and smooth.

Now, he seemed to be dancing with Dief.

Inspector Thatcher stopped in front of Fraser's office. 'Constable Fraser, may I speak to you?'

'Of course,' Fraser said. He remained seated at his desk.

'Outside, Constable.'

'Of course.'

Fraser stepped out side of his office.

'I have heard rumors that there may be an attempt of Queen Beth's life. It would be wise if you reported any strange persons to me.'

'Understood,' Fraser said as Inspector Thatcher left.

Fraser returned to his office.

'What as that about?' Ray asked.

'I'm not at liberty to talk about it.'

'Oh. Royal guard business, I get it.'

Fraser tried to write more, but Ray kept moving.

'Hey, what's up?' Ray asked.

'I seem to be having trouble concentrating.'

'Maybe you just need some lunch.'

With that Fraser's stomach growled.

'How did you know?'

Ray shrugged. 'I had a hunch.'

'You have hunches?'

'Yep, it's pretty much all I have.'

Fraser stood up and they left to go have lunch.
Fraser helped an elderly woman across the street. She stayed close to him and her hand grabbed his backside.

'Thank you, dear.' the woman said.

'Your very welcome.'

'Did you really have to do that?' Ray asked as Fraser join him on the other side of the road.

'Of course. It takes only a moment to be helpful.'

They walked to the tavern. The tavern was made of brick and wood. A wooden sign with a purple dragon stood outside it. When Ray and Fraser walked in Ray was greeted by several people. Even the barmaid seemed to know Ray.

After lunch, they walked through the town. Ray stopped at an apple stand. A small boy was eyeing the apples and licking his lips.

'Hey, Willie. I hope you're not thinking about stealing one of those apples.'

'Ah come on, Ray. I'm hungry. They'll never miss one.'

'I bet they will. How would you like it if someone stole an apple from you.'

'I guess your right. I'm still hungry though.'

Ray paid for three apples. He tossed one at Willie.

'Thanks Ray,' Wilie said.

'Don't mention it.'

'Who the guy in the red tunic?'

'I'm Constable Benton Fraser. I'm Ray's husband.'

'Really? That's cool. What's your dog's name?'

'That's Dief and he's a wolf,' Ray said.

Dief went up to Willie and licked his face. Willie let Dief lick him and then he left while waving at them. Fraser waved back.

'That was very nice of you, Ray.'

'Don't mention it. Someone's got to look out for him.'

As they walked home Fraser thought about Ray. Everything Fraser learned about him only deepened Fraser's feelings. He just hoped his feelings didn't mean he was losing himself.

The next morning Fraser lay in bed with Ray. Fraser had always thought that laying in bed someone would be awkward, he had only had one night with Victoria and when he woke up she was gone, but laying with Ray was comforable. Ray was so warm and his hair tickled Fraser chest.

Ray opened his eyes. 'We still going to where I work today. '

'Of course.'

Fraser and Ray got up and petpared for he day. As Fraser put on his tunic he felt a twinge in his back. He decided to ignore it. Fraser had spent most of the night trying to figure out where Ray worked. Dief had suggested that Rat worked at a bakery, but that might have been Dief's wishful thinking.

They left Ray's apartment and made their way through the town until they came to The Circle Theater. It was a large round building made of wood. Outside, there sat a large fountain with a fairy in a flowing dress standing in the middle of it.

'You're an actor?' Fraser asked as he looked up at the theater. He always wondered what the inside looked like, but he had never had occasion to attend the theater.

'Not exactly. Come on you'll see.'

As they walked into the theater Fraser tried to take in all the sights and sounds. A rich red carpet stretched across the room. Frescoes of different historical scenes covered the walls. Actors in various states of undress milled around a large wooden stage.

His grandmother always said theaters were dens of depravity, but all Fraser saw were people practicing their craft.

Ray walked up to the stage and a stunning fairy jumped into his arms. Her blue cotton dress complamented her dark skin. Ray picked her up and spun her around, her dark curls swirled around her face.

'I bet you missed me?' Ray asked as her set her down. They were both smiling.

'Always, Ray. Always. Who this?' she asked as she noticed Fraser.

'I'm Benton Fraser. Who might you be?'

'Elaine, Ray's dance partner.'

Suddenly Ray's never ending movements made perfect sense.

'How do you know Ray?' Elaine asked.

'He's my husband,' Ray said.

Her eyes went wide. 'I... I don't know what to say.'

Elaine was about to say something else when a man called out to Ray. Fraser turned around and was surprise to see a man that looked so much like Ray that they could have been brothers. It must have been the spiky blond hair.

The man walked up to Ray and Fraser caught a slight fishy smell as he past.

'How my best sky dancer doing?' he said as he patted Ray cheek. Fraser felt a twinge jealousy of Sam and the openness of his affactions.

'Great. Greatness. Fraser this is Sam Franklin my choreographer. Sam this Fraser my husband.'

Sam turned and held out his hand. Fraser shook it. They released hands.

'So you're Ray's husband?' Sam said.

'It would seem so.'

'Ray, we'll talk later.' Elaine said.

'Okay,' Ray said to Elaine.

'Come on, Fraser I'll show you around.'

As Ray showed Fraser around the twinge in Fraser's back became more intense. By the time they returned home Fraser could hardly walk. Fraser sat down on Ray's couch and hoped the pain would go away.

'What's up?' Ray asked.

'I'm fine.'

'Come on, Fraser. I can see your not fine. You better tell or I'll keep pestering you till you tell me.'

Fraser sighed. He had no doubt that Ray would indeed keep asking him what was wrong.

'I have back pain.'

'Oh well, why didn't you say so I could give a back rub if you want.'

'You don't have to touble yourself.'

Ray ran his fingers through his hair. 'Jeeze, Fraser it's no problem. I don't want you hurting.'

'Okay. How shall we start?'

You can start by taking off your tunic. You need help?'

Fraser removed his tunic and waited for Ray's next instruction.

'Now lay on your stomach?'

Fraser did as he was told. He buried his nose in a couch cusion and caught Dief and Pearl's scent.

Fraser gasped when he felt Ray's hand on his back. Ray's fingers were warm as the moved over tight muscles.

Ray let out a long whistle.

'That's a nasty scar you got there, Benton-Buddy. How'd you get it?'

Fraser thought about giving Ray the short answer, but he decided against it. If Ray could be open than so could he.

'I fell in love and made a horrible decision because of it.'

Ray's hands stopped moving. 'Oh.'

'Does that surprise you?'

'Nah. It's just... It's just I know how that is.'

'You do.'

Ray's fingers started to move again.'Yeah. Did you learn from your mistake?'

'I learned not to lose myself.'

'How'd you do that?'

'I don't fall in love. At least I try not to.'

'That's kinda sad.'

'You think so.'

'Yep. I mean just because you lost yourself once doesn't mean it will happen again.'

'That's very profound.'

'Thanks. How's your back feel.'

Fraser stretched and he felt better than he had in a long time. In more ways than one.
Tags: dief, due south, fic: the accidental husband, fraser/rayk, multi-chaptered fic, rayv/stella

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