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Fic: The Accidental Husband (Chapter Four of Four), Due South, Pg-13

Title: The Accidental Husband (Chapter Four of Four)
Fandom/Chatacters: Due South. Fraser/RayK, Past Fraser/Victoria, RayV/Stella, Dief, Various DS characters.
Rating: Pg-13
Word Length: This chapter-1978
Summary: Fantasy/Fairy AU. For reasons that will be explored at this juncture Fraser becomes RayK's husband
AN: This is the final chapter, I hope everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
AN: All chapters here

Chapter Four

Fraser lay in bed. The night was dark and quite. Ray's head rested on Fraser's chest. Fraser and Ray have been married for a week. Time had past and their bond had weakened to the point where Ray could spent a substantial amount of time away from Fraser without ill effects as long as he stayed within a close distance.

Fraser smiled as he thought about the days they had spent together. They had spent their time between Fraser's office and the theater. Fraser looked forward to their time at the theater. He could watch Ray dance to his heart's content.

Fraser brought his hand up and placed it on Ray's shoulder. Ray made a happy noise.

Even though Fraser had come to terms with his feeling for Ray, he still didn't know how to tell Ray. Talking about feelings was not something Frasers did.

Fraser and Ray had been had been married for one week and one day when Fraser saw Ray sky dance.

Fraser was sitting in a darkened theater. His eyes were fixed on the stage. The stage was illuminated by hundreds of glowing candles. Ray and Elaine were in the middle it. Ray costume was green and form fitting. His limbs moved to the music of of drums and harps. Candle light caressed his skin. Elaine's dark blue dress flowed as Ray spun her around the stage.

Fraser tapped with the beat of drums. The beat became faster and faster.

The drums stopped and only the sounds of harps could be heard. As the show progressed Ray's wings flapped and his feet came off the floor. He held Elaine close and they danced on air.

Their bodies moved as one.

Fraser was so transfixed that he hardly noticed when the lights came back on. All around him people clapped. Ray and Elaine bowed.

Fraser was in Ray's dressing room. Ray walked in still dressed in his green costume.

'Did I do good tonight?' Ray asked with a grin.

'Oh yes. You and Elaine were resplendent.'

'Resplendent? Does that mean awesome?'

'It does. As you would say, you were greatness.'

Ray laughed and Fraser felt himself grin.

Ray moved close until Fraser could smell his sweat. Ray moved forward and brushed his lips against Fraser.

So many thoughts raced through Fraser head that he could move.

Ray broke the kiss, his eyes were wide. 'Oh, damn. I'm sorry... I,' Ray stuttered.

Fraser was still standing there as Ray ran out of the door.

Fraser stood in Ray's apartment. After Ray had left his dressing room Fraser had searched for him, but to no avail. Even Dief couldn't find him. Ray had been gone for half an hour. Fraser was thinking about make a cup of tea when he heard the door open.

'Hey,' Ray said from the doorway. 'Listen I've been thinking...'

Ray walked into the apartment and shut the door behind him. 'I don't know how to say this but...

Ray was interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

Ray opened the door and was met by a group of fairy guards. Their bows were drawn.

'Ray, put your hands up and turned around,' Ray Vecchio said. 'You are being arrested for trying to kill the queen.'

Ray's eyes went wide. He put his hands up and turned around. A guard wrapped a rope around Ray's hands and lead him away.

For the second time that night Fraser was stunned.

Fraser walked down the stone steps to the dungeon. The air was thick with the stench of mold.

Fraser walked past cells until he came to Ray's. Ray stood in front of the bars.

'Hey, Fraser.'

'Hello, Ray.'

Ray ran his fingers through his hair. 'I didn't do this.'

'I know.'

'You sound so sure. I mean everyone thinks I did this, but not you. Why?'

'I know you.'

'Thanks. What do we do now?'

'I think Benny should take a look at the case,' Ray Vecchio said from the shadows.

'Really? What's up, Vecchio?' Ray asked.

'If Benny says you didn't do this than you didn't so this.'

'Thank you, Ray,' Fraser said.

'No problem. You're bonded with Ray right? Did you guys stay together last night? That would make my job easier.'

'Oh, dear. Ray left for half an hour.'

'Crap. Okay I've got another idea.Come on, I'll take you to the throne room.'

'I'll be back as soon as possible,' Fraser said to Ray.

'Sure. Sure. Just hurry.'

'Dief stay with Ray.'

Died barked and laid down in front of Ray's cells.

As Ray and Fraser walked out of the dungeon he didn't know what he would find, but he knew he would find proof of Ray's innocence. He just had to.

Fraser looked around the throne room. Pillers made of marble and gold stood like guardians. Emerald and jade thrones stood off to one side.

'Show me exactly what happened, Fraser asked.

Ray went over to the throne and sat down. 'The queen was here. She felt a knife slice through her chest.'

'Where were the guards?'

'They were outside and came running when they heard the queen yell.'

'Ah, I see. Did the queen see who attacked her?'

Ray shook his head. 'Nope, according to her it all happened so fast.'

If No one saw the assassin how do you know it was Ray?'

Ray pointed to a painting.

Fraser went over to the painting of an older woman with a small dog on her lap.

'Hello,' Fraser said.

'Hello,' the woman said.

'You saw who tried to kill the queen?'

'I did.'

'What exactly did you see?'

'I saw a man with blond hair stab the queen and then he disappeared.'

'Disappeared? How so?'

'I'm not exactly sure I didn't have my glasses on.'

'Ah, did you see a fairy or a human?'

'A fairy I think. Like I said I didn't have my glasses on.'

Fraser went over to the throne and looked around. He pushed back a curtain near the back of the throne. A leaking pipe left a puddle of water on the floor. Near the puddle Fraser found a scale. It was cream colored and as he held it up to the light it seemed to shimmer.

'What is it?' Fraser asked no one in particular.

'It looks like a mermaid scale to me,' Bob said as he appeared by Fraser.

'How would you know that?, Fraser asked his dad.

'How would I know what?' Ray asked as he came up behind Fraser.

'My partner Buck was a mermaid. Even when he was on land he still had scales on his feet. Those feet stank worse than a dead caribou,' Bob said as Fraser talked to Ray

'Whatcha got there, Benny?' Ray asked as he saw the scale.

'I think I found a mermaid,' Fraser said as an idea began to form. In his mind.

'You're saying a mermaid tried to kill the queen. That's great, but how do you prove it.'

'I have an idea, but I'll need your help, but first we must get back to Ray.'

Fraser ran down the steps to the dungeon he had been away from Ray for over an hour. There had been an overturned apple cart in the middle of the town and it had taken him much to long to even walk to the dungeon.

Ray Vecchio opened the cell and Fraser ran over to Ray.

Ray and Dief were laying on the floor of the cell.

Dief lifted his head and whimpered.

Fraser leaned down and put his hand on Ray's cheek. His skin was pale and clammy.

Ray opened his eyes and smiled. 'Hey,' he said weakly.

'Hello, Ray.'

'Did you get me out of here?'

'Not yet you just have to wait a little bit longer.'

'Okay. Okay. I know you won't let me down.'

'Thank you, kindly.'

'Don't mention it. I know you.'

Fraser sat with Ray for several long moments. He didn't want to leave, but there was work to do to prove his theory.
Fraser stood on the stage in The Circle theater. There were many people around the stage, Elaine had done a wonderful job of gathering everyone together, but the most important person was standing in the back.

Fraser rose his voice and started to talk. 'As many of you may know Ray has been accused of trying to kill the queen. I have evidence that will prove his innocence, but first I must ask you all to remove your shoes.'

'How will that set Ray free, Sam Franklin asked from the back of the room.

'It is quite simple. A living painting in the throne room said that a mermaid attacked the queen and fled through the water in a leaking pipe. Whoever has scales on their feet is the mermaid.'

'This is ridiculous,' Sam said as he turned to leave. As he opened the door Ray Vecchio stood in front of him surrounded by royal guard.

'You better do what he says.'

Fraser, Ray Vecchio and Sam walked down the dungeon. Sam had confessed and now it was time to free Ray.

'Hey, what's going on?' Ray asked as Fraser came up to his cell.

'You've been exonerated.'

'Greatness! Get me outta here.'

Ray Vecchio opened Ray's cell.

'Thanks, Vecchio,' Ray said.

'Don't mention it.'

Ray noticed Sam. 'Hey, Sam. Here to see me?'

'Not exactly,' Sam said as he lifted his hands that were tied with rope.

Ray's eyes went wide. 'You did it? Why?'

'I needed the money. I never meant for you to take the fall,' Sam said. He came up to Ray and touched Ray's cheek.

Sam was put in his cell.

'Hey, Vecchio. Sorry about being such a jerk when we met,' Ray said as they walked up the stairs.

'It's okay. Any husband of Benny's is a friend of mine.' Ray Vecchio put his arm around Ray's shoulder.

'You happy with Stella?'

'You know it.'

Fraser and Ray walked home. Ray's steps were light, he danced around with Dief.

Once they arrived home Ray punched the air.

'Can you believe it? Can you believe it? I always knew we were a duet.'


Ray stopped moving. 'Listen Fraser there's something I got to tell you. I like you... I mean really like.'

Fraser was stunned. Ray couldn't possible be saying what he hoped Ray was saying.

'I like you as well, Ray.'

Ray ran his fingers through his hair. 'No. No. That's not what I meant. I lo... Damn I'm not to good at this. Do you know what I'm trying to say?'

'I think so. Why are you so concerned with admitting your feelings?'

'I was in love with Stella, but I was too chicken shit to tell her and it's too late. I didn't want to do that again. It's okay if you don't like me the way I like you.'

Fraser didn't know what to say. He moved over to Ray and kissed him. Ray's lips were chapped and after several moments Ray kissed back. Ray moved his hands up to Fraser's hair and Fraser grabbed onto Ray's shoulders. Maybe they didn't have to say anything after all.


Fraser lay in bed. Ray's head lay on his chest. Fraser smiled as Ray made happy noises in his sleep. Ray was nude and warm.

Even though they had been married for a month, Fraser was still uncomfortable with physical affection. He still tried though. He brought up his hand and stroked Ray's wing. The membrane was warm and smooth.

Tonight they would break their bond. Fraser didn't know what the next four years would bring, but he knew the next time he would marry Ray it would be because they wanted to marry, not because they had to be married.
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