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Due South: Fanfic: G

Title: A Poem By Ray Kowalski
Character: Fraser/RayK, RayV and Dief
Rating: G
Summary: Ray is a poet on the outside too

Roses are red.
Benton's eyes are blue.
I love turtles
And I love Benton too.

I always thought me and Stella were meant to be, but we didn't see life to the end
And wasn't that just a kick in the head.
Will Benton and I stay together?
I don't know,
but I really hope so.

We live in a cabin surrounded pine.
What's mine is his and what's his is mine.

Roses are red.
Dief's eyes are brown
When he licks my ear he goes to town.

His fur is soft and his nose is wet.
He's more than a pet.
He's a partner and a buddy
Even if he is a little nutty

Roses are red
Vecchio's eyes are green
When we play basketball he's on my team

When Benton and I first met we drove a flaming car,
but we didn't get far.
We drove into a lake called Michigan
Never doing that again.

Once, we had a fight
and he punched me at night.
We ended up on a ship, we smiled at each other
and that was a real trip

We went to Canada and Benton called it home.
For reason that don't need explaining I stay and am never alone.
Tags: dief, due south, fayv, fic, fraser/rayk

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