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Due South: Fanfic: G

Title: A Poem By Benton Fraser.
Character: Fraser/Victoria and Fraser/RayK
Rating: G
Word Count: 277
Summary: Fire and snow rule Fraser's life

Fire and snow.

The two elements that ruled my life.

Each one beautiful.

Each one deadly.

Victoria. As cold as snow. As dark as a moonless night.

Her fingers were cold in my mouth. Her words were pure in my ear.

I thought I could dispel her darkness with the fire in my heart, but it was just a flicker compared to her.

Her love and hate mixed until they were inner twined into something horrible.

She will always be my Ice Queen clothed in darkness and cold, a crown of snow upon her head.

The darkness and cold would have consumed me. I would have let it.

A shoot rang out in the night and I fell onto cold ground.

The pain in my back paled in comparison to the pain in my heart.

A heart that had been frost bitten.

If Victoria was fire than Ray Kowalaki was fire.

His smile was warm and bright. His temper sparked. His hair was sun kissed.

The heat of his embrace slowly melted my heart, even from the very first day. All I could give in return was my companionship.

At night I would dream of being in Ray's bed.

We went to Canada on the trail of my mother's killer and returned as partners and more.

Ray kissed me while we were in Canada.

Ray's kisses were so hot I thought I might combust. I told Ray and he laughed, his eyes shining in camp fire light and he said he would take that as a challenge.

When we finally made love Ray's skin was hot.

Fire and ice might be deadly, but they made who I am.
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