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Due south: Fic: NC-17

Title: Dancing In The Moonlight
Characters: Fraser/RayK, Turtle, Elaine, Dief and Frannie
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,606
Summary: Ray teaches Fraser how to dance.
AN: For Vickitub who wanted Fic based on my fancomic.

Ray was on a wooden stage. Before him was a dark room full of a crowd of animals. He turned toward his partner, a polar bear that stood on two legs and they bowed at each other.

They moved close and and he put his arm around the bear's back. The bear's white fur was soft.

They started to move.

Ray lead the dance as they moved and twirled across the stage. He dipped the bear and stared into his familiar blue eyes.

Suddenly he was woken up by his clock radio. Instead of a stage he was in his bedroom that was filled with rock music from his radio. Yellow light from the sun filled the room, illuminating pea green walls and piles of clothes that lay crumpled on the floor.

He rubbed his face against his lumpy pillow and had to remember to wash his bedding. His pillow and blankets were starting to have a certain funk. Funk was good music but as a smell not so much.

He got out of bed and planted his feet on brown carpet. He stretched and his back popped. The cool air chilled his skin and he picked up jeans and an AC/DC shirt off his floor and threw them on.

As he made his way out of his room he had the urge to dance and gave in. He waltzed over to his turtle's tank and picked Sweet Pea up.

'Hey, boy. Wanna dance?'

Sweet Pea popped his head and legs out of his shell and wiggled his legs.

Ray laughed. He guessed Fraser wasn't the only one who could talk to animals.

He spun Sweet Pea around and lifted him high. Sweet Pea's legs wiggled like he was trying to swim through the air.

After several minutes Ray put Sweet Pea back in his tank and went to the kitchen.

He made coffee and toast and had breakfast while The Sex Pistols played on the radio. Billy Idol's voice filled the air making him tap his feet to the beat.

After breakfast, he climbed into his Goat and drove to work. The black leather seats had been warmed by the sun. He rolled down the windows and let the music of the city surround him.

Ray walked into the police station and saw Fraser sitting on Ray's desk. It anyone else he would have looked normal, he was sitting with a back as straight as an iron rod, but Ray knew better. He had never seen Fraser so nervous. Every once in a while Fraser would rub the back of his neck and his tongue would peek out and wet his lips.

He came up to his desk and Dief came over to greet him. He might be able to speak half-wolf, but he still patted Dief on the the head.

'Hey, Benton-Buddy. What's up?'

'Hello Ray. I was wondering... That is to say... Could you teach me how to dance?

Ray sat down and his desk chair groaned, he really needed to lay off the pizza. Despite that he still grinned. 'Sure. Sure. You wanna learn now?'

Fraser's eyes went wide. 'Oh dear. I assumed you would teach me after work.'

Ray laughed. 'Just kidding. We'll get at it when you come over tonight.'

'That sounds wonderful.'

'Don't get too excited. I might suck at teaching you how to dance. I've never done that before.'

'I'm sure you're a wonderful teacher.'

'Thanks. Let's get going, Mrs. Harper's fancy diamond necklace isn't going to find itself.'

Ray got up and walked with Fraser out police station. He threw his arm around Fraser's shoulder because that's what buddies did.

They got into Ray's car and made their way to Mrs. Harper's house. They arrived at the Harper estate an hour later. As they drove down a long, winding stone driveway Ray let out a long whistle. He knew the Harper's were made of money, but their place was still impressive. At deep green lawn was filled with bushes pruned into the shape of elephants and giraffe.

The house itself was bigger than Ray's apartment building with thick white pillars and blue shutters. They got out of the car and walked up to a ornately carved wooden door and Ray knocked on it.

The door open and a butler in a dark suit stood before Ray.

'May I help you?' He asked as he gave Ray a once over, he barely hid his disgust as he looked at Ray's t-shirt and jeans.

'I'm here to investigate Mrs. Harper's missing necklace.' Ray said trying to keep the anger out of his voice. He hated when people judged him before they knew him. That was one of the good things about Fraser, he didn't judge people.

'Of course. Follow me, please.'

They followed the butler into a large room. The walls were bright white and mirrors hung everywhere.

Mrs. Harper seemed to be admiring herself in a large mirror with a gold frame.

Ray cleared his throat.

Without even turning around Mrs. Harper said 'What?'

'I'm here to investigate your missing necklace.'

'Oh that. I found it in my spare Cadillac.'

Ray felt is blood pressure rise, he had wasted an hour just driving to the house.

'It didn't cross your mind to call the police department and let me know?'

'Of course not, I have people to do that.'

'Perhaps we should leave,' Fraser said from behind Ray. He put his hand on Ray's shoulder.

Ray's shoulders dropped and he turned to his partner. 'Yeah. Yeah. Let's go. You wanna get an early lunch?'

'Of course.'

They went back to The Goat and drove off.

'Are you okay? You seem tense?' Fraser asked as Ray drove.

'Nah. Nah. It's just I can't believe we went all the way over there for nothing. Like my time isn't important or something. You know what I'm saying?'

'Of course. I'm sure your time could be better spent on other cases.'

Ray nodded. 'Yep. That it! That's what I'm talking about.'

Ray tapped on the steering wheel and turned on the radio.

After forty-five minutes they pulled into their favorite burger place. I small place called Cheeseburger In Paradise.

The ordered burgers and fries and made there way outside. Ray noticed a cop car and saw Elaine who was on duty. He was about to wave at her when a man in a burger suit ran past knocking Ray to the ground.

Hamburger Guy ran toward Elaine and she folded her arms and stared him down. The Hamburger Guy stopped dead in his tracks and put his hands up in the air. Ray had to admit he would have put his hands up too, Elaine could be scary.

Fraser leaned down and held out his hand to Ray. Ray took the hand and Fraser helped him up.

'You okay, Ray?' Elaine asked as she put cuffs on Hamburger Man.

'Yeah. Yeah. No blood no foul. I'll go to that station and send you a copy of my report.'

'Thanks.' Elaine looked at Ray and her brow knitted in confusion. 'Hi Fraser. You and Ray seem to be close.'

'We are indeed. It was nice seeing you again. Perhaps you would like to join us and watch a basketball game on television sometime.' Fraser said.

'Nah. I wouldn't want to interrupt you two,' Elaine said with a wink.

Ray thought that was strange, but didn't think anything of it.

Ray and Fraser walked back to Ray's car and it was only as the stood by the passenger door that Ray realized he was still holding on to Fraser's hand.

He let go and went around to the driver seat. It was weird that he had held Fraser's hand without realizing it, he had never held hands with Sandor, but it didn't feel has weird as it should have. Once Ray got back to the police station he didn't have much time think about it.

Later that night he arrived home and took off his hostler sitting it down on his coffee table. He sighed and went to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of beer. As he closed the refrigerator door he spied a Polaroid picture of him and Dief. They were both smiling and that made him smile. He sat down on his couch and popped the bottle top.

It had been a busy day. After they had taken care of Hamburger Man they had to arrest a group of maims and that was just the cherry on top of the weird sundae that was Ray's life.

He took a drink and let the cold beer slid down his throat.

He heard a knock at his door and had to grin, even Fraser's knock was polite. His tiredness was forgotten.

He went over to his door and opened it. Fraser was standing in front of him wearing red flannel and tight blue jeans. Dief came up to Ray and Ray ran his fingers through Dief's soft fur.

'Ready to dance?' Ray asked.

'Of course,' Fraser said as he walked into the apartment.

'Wanna help move the couch? We're gonna need more room.'

They pushed the couch against the wall and Ray went over to his record player.

'Got a favorite music?'

'My Grandmother was fond of Big Band.'

Ray knelt down and looked through his record collection that he kept in an old wooden box. He didn't have any Big Band, but he thought Jazz might be close.

'I got Jazz. That okay?'


Ray put an Ella Fitzgerald record on the player and music filled the room.

He looked over and Dief was on his hind legs hopping around the room. Ray laughed.

'Wow! Dief has some moves.'

Ray walked over to Fraser and stood close. Dief jumped on the couch and laid down. 'You want me to lead?'

'It's your decision. You are the teacher after all.'


Ray put one arm around Fraser and rested his hand on Fraser's back, the flannel was soft against his finger and took Fraser's hand in his own.

He moved around the room. Fraser kept his head down and his back stiff.

'Hey. Look up here,' Ray said.

'Oh, dear. I don't seem very good at this.' Fraser said as he lifted his head.

'It's okay. You just gotta loosen up and feel the music. Don't worry about the steps.'

'Ah, I see. Perhaps we should use the dancing diagram on your floor.'

It took Ray a minute to realize what Fraser was talking about. He laughed.

'Really? That thing was on the floor when I moved in. Nobody can learn to dance like that.'

'I see.'

'Let me guess you learned how to waltz using a book huh?'

Fraser eyes went wide. 'How did you know?'

'Just a guess.'

They started dancing again and while Fraser kept his head up he was still stiff.

After several moments Ray stopped. 'Okay okay. This ain't working. You gotta feel the music and move to it.'

Fraser sighed. 'I'm trying.'

'I know. I know. Maybe you're just not a dancer. You can't be good at everything.'

'I want to try again.'

'Okay. One more try than we'll call it quits.'

Fraser closed his eyes and they started moving again. This time Fraser was loose and limber and followed all of Ray's movements. They moved around the apartment and Ray was surrounded by Fraser. His scent filled Ray's nose, a combination of cider and pine.

Once they stopped Ray rested his chin on Fraser's shoulder. 'Wow that was great! What changed?

Fraser wrapped his arm around Ray. 'I felt you.'

'Really that's so cool.'

'May I lead this time?'

'Sure. Go for it.'
Red creeped up Fraser's cheeks. His fingers intertwined with Ray's and his palm was damp with sweat.

They twirled around the room and Fraser stopped. 'May I dip you?'

'Go for it.'

Ray was dipped and they eyes met. Fraser lifted Ray back up and his lips brushed Ray's. Ray's eyes went wide, he had never kissed any of his friends except Stella, but now that Fraser was kissing him he kissed Fraser back. Ray held Fraser close and pressed his tongue against Fraser's lips. Their mouths opened and their tongues met. Damn if that didn't turn Ray's crank.

After several moments they broke the kiss and Ray rested his chin on Fraser's shoulder.

'Wow! What brought that on?' Ray said as he panted.

'I felt you and it felt like you returned my affections.'

'Oh yeah! I got all kinds of affections for you. You really affect me.' As soon as Ray said it he knew it was true.

Two weeks later Ray walked into the police station and Dief came up to greet him. He barked at Ray.

'What's wrong girl? Timmy fall down the well again?' Ray said with a smirk.

He followed Dief to a closet and the door open revealing Frannie with a pissed off look on her face.

'What's up Frannie?'

Frannie sighed. 'Your partner's a eunuch.'

He watched her leave. As a red blooded male Ray couldn't help but sneak a peek of her shirt that revealed her stomach and her short skirt, but as her fake brother he wanted to put her in a floor length formless poncho.

He didn't agree with the eunuch comment, Ray had hickeys on his neck to prove it wasn't true. Apparently curling turned Fraser's crank.

He stuck his head in the closet and grinned at Fraser who was blushing. 'Hey. Frannie trying to get in your pumpkin pants again?'

'Yes. She can be quite persistent.'

'She not the only one.' He said as he walked into the closet and shut the down. He kissed Fraser cheek. They had to keep their relationship under wraps to protect Vecchio and his family so whenever he had a chance to kiss Fraser in private he would take it.

That night Ray, Fraser and Dief walked into Ray's apartment. Ray put a record on and came up behind Fraser. He was standing in front of an open window and silver moonlight illuminated him.

Fraser leaned against Ray. Ray moved his hips in time to the music and Fraser followed. He ran his hand across the large bulge in Fraser's jeans.

'Is that pemmican in your pants or are you happy to see me?' Ray said as he kissed the back of Fraser's neck and breathed in his scent.

'Of course. I'm always happy to see you.'

Ray laughed. 'Okay. Okay. You want me to jerk you off?'

'Jerk me... I'm not sure I'm familiar with that term.'

'Oh. I mean do you want me to stroke your dick until you come.'

Fraser stiffened. 'You would do that for me?'

'Sure. Wanna do it.'

'Oh yes.'

'Greatness!' Ray exclaimed as he popped the button on Fraser's jeans and pulled out his dick. Fraser's dick was longer and thinner than Ray's own, the tip was pink. Ray wrapped his hand around it and gave it an experimental stroke.

Fraser groaned and Ray stroked it more. Faster and Faster he stroked as the music of Fraser's groans filled his ears.

'Oh... Oh... Oh, dear!' Fraser yelled as he came wetting Ray's hand.

Fraser slumped against Ray and Ray just held him up.

After several minutes Ray cleaned Fraser up and held him.

Later that night Ray dreamed of dancing with a polar bear who turned into Fraser. He didn't know what the future would bring but as long as he was with Fraser and they would dance everything would be greatness.
Tags: dief, due south, elaine, fic, frannie, fraser/rayk, turtle

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