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Something I thought was funny

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Jack and Ianto!

  1. If you don't get out of bed on the same side you got in, you will have Jack and Ianto for the rest of the day.
  2. Jack and Iantology is the study of Jack and Ianto!
  3. In Japan, Jack and Ianto can only be prepared by chefs specially trained and certified by the government.
  4. The most dangerous form of Jack and Ianto is the bicycle.
  5. Birds do not sleep in Jack and Ianto, though they may rest in them from time to time.
  6. You share your birthday with Jack and Ianto.
  7. Jack and Ianto can use only about ten percent of their brain.
  8. Jack and Ianto can sleep with one eye open!
  9. Without its lining of Jack and Ianto, your stomach would digest itself.
  10. Jack and Iantolatry is the mindless worship of Jack and Ianto.
I am interested in - do tell me about

Please let number 1 be true.
Number 10 is sooo true.
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