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Person of Interest; fic; NC-17

Title: Life and Death: Good Morning, John
Characters: John/Finch and Bear
Chapter: 2/5
Total Word Count: 10,000
Word Count for this chapter: 2,292
Rating: NC-17.
Summary: John and Harold spend the day together.
An: chapters will be posted on Friday, but not a WIP. All chapters are finished.

John slowly opened his eyes and felt a weight on his chest. It took him a moment for his sleep addled brain to realise that it was Harold. As he remembered what happened last night he grinned. He rubbed Harold's back and kissed his head. He was so warm.

He wanted to stay wrapped in Harold's embrace, but he knew that all too soon the world would intrude and they would have to go to work and Harold would change to Finch as easily as John changed into the man in the suit.

He pushed those thoughts out of his head, closed his eyes and concentrated on the sound of Harold's breath. He was going to revel in it as long as it lasted.

Harold woke up and he smiled when he saw John. The smile lit up his whole face and John felt his breath catch.

'Good morning, John,' Harold said as he laid back down and snuggled into John's chest.

'Morning. Got any plans for today?'

'I really should take Bear for a walk and I was contemplating making us breakfast, but other than that I don't have any plans. Do you have any plans?'


They laid there for several minutes and as John breathed in Harold's scent he felt himself harden. He knew he would have to jerk off sooner or later, but he didn't want to let go Harold.

Harold lifted his head. 'Oh, dear. It would seem that you have a morning erection. Would you like me to take care of it for you?'

John's eyes widened. He had no idea that Harold would proposition him, but now that he had it was all John could think of. He pictured Harold fingers wrapped around his cock and then the image shifted to Harold's lips wrapped around the cock head.

All he could do was nod because he didn't trust himself to speak.

Harold started by lifting up John's shirt and licking a nipple until it was hard. John groaned and his back arched up.

Harold moved down and licked a trail down John's stomach. Once he reached John pajama bottoms he nuzzled John's cock through the fabric and John had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from coming; he was a grown man and there was no way in hell he was going to come like a horny teenager.

Harold moved his mouth from John's cock and looked up. 'Lift up your hips, please.'

John lifted up his hips and Harold pulled down John's pants. John hissed as cool air touched his hard cock. It was stiff and the deep red tip glistened with pre come. Harold lick the underside from root to tip. John gripped the quilt under him as Harold moved back down and sucked John's balls into his mouth.

'Oh, fuck. Keep doing that!' John exclaimed.

Harold released John's balls and grinned like the cat (or in this case the finch) that got the cream.

He moved up to the cock head and John groaned and his hips snapped up as Harold's pink tongue came out and swirled around the cock head.

He opened his mouth and his lips stretched as he wrapped them around the cock head. Slowly he bobbed his head up and down taking John deeper each time until his nose brushed the hair that surrounded the bottom of John cock.

He lifted his head until only half of John's cock was in his mouth and then began to suck.

John had pictured it, but being sucked off by Harold in real life was so much better. He felt the warm, wetness of Harold's mouth and saw Harold's dark head between his tanned thighs.

John felt his orgasm pool in his stomach and tried to warn Harold that he was going to come, but his brain and mouth didn't seem to be connected. Harold must have known because he back off until only the cock head was in his mouth and hummed. The vibration around his cock was enough to send John over the edge and he his eyes fluttered close as he came.

As he came down from his orgasm he opened his eyes just in time to see Harold wipe his mouth with the back of his hand. John groaned, it shouldn't have been a turn on, but damn if it was.

'Come here,' John managed to say as he reached for Harold.

Harold moved up John body and he kissed John's cheek. John moved his head and their lips met. Harold opened his mouth and John did the same. He could taste his come and he grabbed Harold's shoulders and kneaded them, the silk pajama was soft under his hands.

The air was filled with the sound of lips smacking against each other. It took John longer than it should have to realize that Harold'a hard cock was poking him in the thigh.

John broke the kiss. 'Want me to take care of you?'

Harold's brow furrowed and John smiled. A middle aged man shouldn't look like a week old puppy.

'Come again?'

'I meant do you want me to take care of your hard-on?'

'If you want. You don't have to.'

'I want,' John said even though the butterflies in his stomach were turning cartwheels. He had never had sex with another man, but it couldn't be that much different from having sex with a woman. It was all about making the other person feel good; he didn't want to brag, but that was something he was good at.

'Roll over on to your back, please,' John said.

Harold obliged and John decided what his next move would be. He spied a tube of skin cream sitting on the table by the bed and picked it up. As he squeezed the cool liquid onto his hand he came to a decision. He might not have had experience with gay sex, but he had lots of experience (more than he like to admit) in jerking himself off.

He reached over with one and pulled Harold's cock out of his pajama pants. It was longer and thicker than John's own, a thick vain ran along the side almost from root to tip and the tip was a deep red. John stroked it from root to tip.

'Do you like that?' He asked.

'A tighter grip, if you please.'

John smirked when he tightened his grip and Harold groaned.

He stroked up and down sometimes going slow and sometimes speeding up. Harold seemed to like both if his moans and groans were anything to go by. After several moments of stroking he twisted the head and Harold came, wetting John's hand.

'Was it good for you?' John asked as a joke as he released Harold soft cock.

'Oh yes. Thank you.'

'You're welcome. Can I ask you something?'


'Where did you learn to suck cock like that? Did you google it?'

'I... Um... I received first hand experience in college.'

John could just picture a young Harold (all limbs, messy hair and glasses) learning to suck cock. He didn't know who taught him, but John would send him a fruit basket.

'I need to take a shower,' Harold said startling John out of his thoughts.


'Excellent. After I shower, you can use it and I'll make breakfast.'

'Sounds good to me.'

John gently kissed Harold's lips and Harold got up. He stopped by his closet and pulled out some clothes. As much as John liked Harold in a suit, he hoped Harold would put on another soft, frayed t-shirt.

He laid back and revelled in the feeling of the quilt against his back and the pillow against his head. He could hear the shower going and thought about joining Harold, but he was too sated to move. His life was certainly looking up.

He heard the click of nails on the floor and turned his head. Bear was resting his head on the side of the bed.

John ruffled Bear's fur. 'Hey, boy. Looks like I'll be staying for awhile.

Bear's barked and felt the room as Harold came out of the bathroom. John just stared, Harold was indeed wearing a white t-shirt that made John want to touch it.

'The bathroom is all yours. I left you a towel in the bathroom.'

John got up and made his way to Harold's bathroom. Once inside the room he noticed that there was a chair and a metal bar in Harold's large shower stall.

He turned on the spray and stepped under it when the room began to fill with steam. He stood under the spray and groaned when the warm water hit his skin. He picked up a bar of soap and lathered up. Once he was done he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself. The towel was fluffy and soft.

Walking out of the bathroom he saw that Harold had laid John suit on the bed. John put on his suit and looked at himself in a mirror. He thought he looked different; perhaps his eyes didn't look as tired as usual and he couldn't decide if it was from a good night sleep or a good morning blow job.

Walking out of the bedroom, Bear ran up to meet him. Bear's tail was wagging and his tongue hang out of his mouth.

John ruffled Bear's fur. 'Hey, let's go see what Harold made for breakfast.'

John and Bear walked into the kitchen and John was met by the smell and sound of cooking eggs.

'What's on the menu?' As he walked behind Harold and kissed his neck. His hands worked their way under Harold's shirt and touched warm skin.

'I thought you might like some eggs and toast. How do you like your eggs?'

'Scrambled with lots of ketchup.'

John reluctantly moved away from Harold and sat down at the table. Harold sat down next to John and sat down a plate full of fluffy scrambled eggs and handed John a bottle of ketchup. They ate their breakfast in comfortable silence, the only sound was the clink of forks against the plates. Every once in a while their knees would brush. John was alone with his thoughts and something was eating at him.

'Harold? How long have you had feelings for me?'

Harold sat down his fork and adjusted his glasses. 'I can't be sure. It happened little by little.'

'But it's been awhile?'

'I would say so.'

'Why didn't you say anything before now?'

Harold scrubbed his face with the back of hand. 'I was afraid you wouldn't return my feelings and I couldn't stand to lose your friendship. I have already lost one good friend, I couldn't stand to lose another. May I ask you something?'


'Why didn't you say anything?'

John shrugged. 'I've never been good at the whole 'talking about what I want' thing. That's how I lost Jessica.'

Harold reached across the table and took John's hands in his own. 'I'd change that if I could.'

'Thanks. So what you want to do today?'

'Spend the day with you as long as there are no numbers.'

Having Harold mention the numbers made John think about their working relationship.'Do you think the change in our relationship will affect our work?'

'I don't see why. Do you think it will?'

'Nope. When your my boss you're Finch, but here you're Harold.' John said and he lifted Harold's hand and kissed Harold's fingers.

'That's sounds very practical. After breakfast would you like to play chess?'


After breakfast they did indeed play chess. John even sat in the same spot he had the night before.

As John moved his pawn he couldn't shake the feeling that Harold was letting him win. That gave him an idea.

'What do I get if I win?'

Harold moved his knight and John saw an opening to take Harold's king. 'Anything you want, within reason of course.'

'How about a kiss?'

Harold grinned. 'That sounds like a wonderful reward.'

'Yeah. It's the reward where everybody wins.' John took Harold's king. 'Checkmate.'

John moved to the couch where Harold was sitting and brushed their lips together. He was about to deepen the kiss when he heard Bear stretching on the front door.

Harold broke the kiss. 'Oh, dear. It looks like Bear needs to go out. Would you like to join us?'


Harold put away the chess set as John put on his coat and gloves. Harold put on his own coat and clipped Bear's leash to his collar and they made their way outside.

John hissed as cold air hit his face and he already longed for the warmth of Harold's house.

The city looked different covered in white snow. It made everything look clean and pure, but John knew that not even snow could cover some of the evil in the city. It was like a black ink stain that could never be removed.

The sidewalk was still covered with snow and John was worried that Harold might not be able to make his way through it, but somehow he managed. As they walked down the street John brushed his shoulder against Harold's. He was feeling better than he had in a long time.

His good mood faded however when they got near a pay phone and its shrill ring pieced the air.

'Oh, dear,' Harold said as he picked up the phone.

He listened for several moments and put the phone on the hook.

'It seems we have a new number,' Finch said.

'Okay. Let's go,' John said as he got ready to go to work. There was always work to do.
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