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Person of Interest; Fic; NC-17

Title: Life and Death: The Ring
Characters: John/Finch and Bear
Chapter: 4/5
Total Word Count: 10,000
Word Count for this chapter: 2,406
Rating: NC-17
Summary: John receives a ring and takes a chance
Notes: slight spoilers for season four
An: chapters will be posted on Fridays, but not a WIP. All chapters are finished.

John and Harold walked into a room. Yellow sunlight streamed through a large window that over looked the city. The light filled room was clean white and a large bed covered in white bedding sat in the middle of the room.

As John moved his hands over Harold's suit he thought things couldn't be more perfect.

John pulled Harold close and their lips met. Harold's glasses disappeared. Groans and moans filled the air as John loosened Harold's tie. Harold's hands came up and gripped John's hair. John pulled off Harold's tie and let it fall to the floor. He broke the kiss and began removing Harold's suit. He peeled off the suit jacket and Harold smirked.

'Oh, dear. I appear to be hard,' Harold said.

'Oh yeah? I'll be more than happy to take care of it for you,' John said as he unbuttoned Harold's vest and shirt. Harold's skin was revelled as the garments hit the floor. Dark nipples stood out against dark chest hair.

John licked at a nipple and Harold moaned.

'Oh fuck, don't you dare stop.'

John moved over and licked the other nipple and Harold grabbed his hair and pulled. Harold let go of John hair.

John dropped to his knees and unbuttoned Harold's pants, pulling them down revealing pale thighs and dark red silk boxers. He pulled down the boxers and Harold's cock stood stiff. The root and balls were covered with dark hair.

John grabbed Harold's balls and kneaded them as his tongue licked Harold's cock head.

Harold hissed. 'Oh fuck, don't stop.'

John leaned closer and sucked on the cock head. Harder and harder he sucked until Harold came in his mouth. The come tasted like nothing.

Harold moved to the bed and laid down he reached for John and John's heart sank as he realized he couldn't move. He tried to reach out to Harold, but the harder he tried the farther away Harold seemed.

The room and bed faded away...

John startled awake. Instead of being in a white room he was in a dingy apartment. Outside his window he could hear the din of the city. Car horns honked and people yelled at each other.

He stared at the ceiling and his eyes followed the spiderweb of cracks in the water stained plaster. As he laid in bed he thought back to his dream. It wasn't the first time he had dreamed of Harold and it probably wouldn't be the last. Although, it was the first time he had had a sex dream. John had to admit it was better than the dreams of Harold dying, even if the ending had sucked.

As he thought about the sex dream his cock hardened and he decided to take care of himself. He reached for a tube of lube. Slicking up his hand he gripped his cock and began stroking it. He pictured Harold sucking him off. As he stroked he saw lips wrapped around his cock.

Faster and faster he stroked. As he felt his orgasm coming he tightened his grip and came.

After he had come he closed his eyes, not wanting to face yet another day without Harold. He always thought he needed a purpose, but what he really needed was a computer genius billionaire.

After Samaritan went online Harold went into hiding and John had hoped to hear something, anything, from him. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months he had given up hope of hearing anything. Maybe it was for the best, he just hoped that wherever Harold and Bear were that they were happy.

At least someone should be happy.

After several minutes he got out of bed and moved towards his bathroom. He turned on a light and studied himself in the mirror. There were dark bags under his eyes and there was days worth of stubble on his face. He wanted to say that his new look was to keep Samaritan from finding him, but he knew it wasn't.

He picked up a hooded sweatshirt from the floor and sniffed it. It didn't smell too bad and would be good enough. He put it on and a pair of jeans and decided to get something to eat.

Going through the motions he ate a handful full of cereal straight from the box. He swallowed down the stale cereal and was trying to decide what to do today (it was a choice between watching t.v. and watching t.v.) when he heard a knock at his door and a thin envelope was slid under the door.

He ran to the door and opened it, he look up and down the hallway, but it was empty.

He went back into his apartment and stared at the envelope. As he picked it up his heart beat faster. God, he hoped it was from Harold.

He opened the envelope and shook the contents into his hand. There was a piece of paper, a bus ticket and a gold ring. He went over to his kitchen table and pushed a stack of papers off of it. The paper flattered to the dirty floor like wounded birds, but he couldn't bring himself to care. He sat the ticket and ring on the table. He picked up the ticket and read it carefully. The ticket was to a town in Iowa for later that day. He sat the ticket down and examined the ring.

He held it between his fingers turned it around and around. It looked like a simple wedding ring. He looked down at the paper and read.

To a good friend and a great husband.

He felt himself grin as he read the words that was similar to the one he had written inside Harold's holiday gift. It had to be a message from Harold and apparently he wanted John to come to Iowa as his husband.

He put the ring on his ring finger and it fit. If Harold wanted John back in his life, he wasn't going to disappoint. Looking around his small, mostly empty apartment it wasn't like he was leaving such a great life behind.

Later that day, John sat inside a bus on his way to Iowa. Everything he owned was in a duffel bag in the compartment above his head. The ring was still on his finger.

An elderly woman sat next to him. She paid little attention to him and concentrated on her knitting. As the bus started to move she sat her knitting on her lap and looked over at John.

'Is this your first time on a bus, dear?'

'No. You?'

'Oh, no. I take a trip about once a year to visit the grandkids. Are you visiting someone special?'

'I am,' John said with a smile. Harold was more than special.

'That's nice I hope you enjoy you're trip,' the lady said as she went back to her knitting.

John settled back against his seat and stared out the window. He watched as the city gave way to flat fields.

The day passed on the bus and the closer John got to Iowa the more he longed to see Harold. He pictured himself wrapping Harold in a hug and holding him tight.

In the evening the setting sun turned the sky red, yellow and orange. The elderly lady (Susan) talked his ear off about her grandchild. John listened, but not very closely.

The next morning they arrived at the bus station and John stepped out with his duffle slung over his shoulder.

Bear ran up to him and jumped up putting his paws up on John. John dropped his bag and bent down. He ruffled Bear's fur and Bear licked his face.

'I'm happy to see you too,' John said as he stood up and came face to face with Harold. He was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans, his formally brown hair had been dyed grey and his glasses had been replaced with contacts that made his eyes appear brown.

'Hello, John.'

John didn't know what to say so he did what he did best and clasped Harold into a hug. Harold was warm and smelled like hay. Harold hugged him back and they stood like that for a long time. Bear ran around barking happily.

Once John broke the hug Harold looked at him and touched John's stubble covered cheek.

'You look awful.'

'Yeah, it's been a bad couple of months.'

'I'm sorry.'

'It wasn't your fault. We're together now,' John lifted his hand so Harold could see the ring on his finger. Harold lifted his own hand and a matching ring was on his ring finger.

'Are you ready to go home,' Harold asked.

John just grinned. That sounded great. 'Yeah. Let's go home.'

John followed Harold to an old, rusting, red pickup truck. He opened the door and it creaked. Bear jumped into the back seat.

John settled into the passenger seat. Harold got in the driver seat and they took off.

'So what made you pick Iowa?' John asked.

'I used to live on a farm in Lassiter, Iowa and I thought it would appropriate for a new start.'

John grinned. 'I never pegged for a farm boy.'

'I know. Sometimes it even amazes me.'

John saw Harold hand was on the seat between them so he laid his hand on top of Harold and was rewarded with a smile.

'What do you do now?'

'I work at the local high school as an English teacher under the name Harold Whistler.'

'You want to shape young minds huh?'

'That is one way to look at it.'

'What do I do?'

'I though perhaps I'd leave that up to you, Mr. Whistler.'

'I took your last name when we got married? Don't you think that's a little old fashioned?'

Harold looked at him and smiled. 'Who ever said Whistler was may original surname?'

Once they arrived at Harold's house, an old farm house with blue siding and a shingle roof they walked into the house.

Once inside Harold pushed John against the door and kissed him. Their teeth clashed and their tongues brushed against each other.

Once they broke the kiss Harold rested his head against John's chest. 'I've been waiting so long for this,' he said as he panted.

John breathed in the scent of hay and rubbed Harold's back. 'Same here, let's go to the bedroom and get our honeymoon underway.'

Harold grabbed John's hand and lead him up a flight of stairs to a hallway. He opened a door and they walked into a bedroom. The walls were deep green and the floor was covered with honey colored wood.

Harold let go of John's hand and John could only look as Harold unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor. As he reached to unbutton his jeans his cheeks turned red.

'Something wrong?' John asked.

'It's just... I hope I don't disappoint you.'

'That could never happen, here let me,' John said as he reached for Harold and unbuttoned his jeans. As he slid the jeans down Harold's pale thighs he noticed that Harold was wearing cotton boxers with hearts on them. John rubbed the soft cotton fabric between his fingers and pulled them down. Harold hissed as cool air hit his hard cock.

John licked his lips and took in the sight of Harold's balls that were covered with dark hair.

'Can I touch?' John asked.

'Of course, but could you take off your clothes first? I feel a little ridiculous.'

'You're the boss,' John said as he lifted his sweatshirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. As he reached to take off his jeans Harold reached for his hand.

'Let me,' Harold said.

John watched as Harold unbuttoned his jeans and felt Harold's fingertips brush his tan thighs as Harold pulled the jeans down.

'Come here,' Harold said as he licked his lips and reached for John. For just a moment John was reminded of his nightmare where he couldn't reach Harold, but the fear lasted only as long as it took to reach out and grabbed Harold.

John pulled Harold close and their bodies met. They were pressed together from chest to thigh and their lips met yet again. John'a hands slid over Harold's body and his skin was warm and soft. John lowered his head and kissed and licked Harold's shoulder. The skin was salty on his tongue.

John lifted his head and looked into Harold's brown eyes. 'We should move to the bed, but first could you take out those ridiculous contact lens?'

'Of course. Give me a moment.'

As Harold walked to the bathroom, John moved to the bed and laid down. He nuzzled a pillow and his nose filled with the scent of shampoo and laundry soap. As he laid there he gently stroked his cock, it wasn't enough to get him off, but it was pleasurable.

'Shall I leave?' Harold said.

John turned his head and looked at the man that stood in the doorway. He was naked and hard. John stopped stroking himself because he knew just looking at Harold would make him come.

'Come here.'

Harold walked to the bed and sat down next to John. 'Now what would you like?'

'We can start with you on top of me,' John said with a smirk.

Harold gently lowered himself onto John and he was warm and heavy. There cocks brushed together and that gave John an idea. He grabbed both cocks in his hand and stroked them.

'Wait. We need lubricant,' Harold said as he reached over and grabbed a tube. John released their cocks and Harold poured lube on his fingers.

John began stroking their cocks again.

'Oh, my. That feels good,' Harold said as he intertwined his fingers with John and the stroked their cocks together.

John surged up and captured Harold's lips. The kiss was was wet and sloppy.

Much too soon, John felt his orgasm pool in his stomach. Harold broke the kiss and bit down on John's shoulder.

John's eyes fluttered close and he yelled as he came. He barely noticed when Harold came after him.

Harold collapsed against John and John just held him and kissed his shoulder.

He didn't know what the future held, or if Samaritan would find them, but it didn't really matter. They would get through it together.
Tags: bear, fic, finch/reese, multi-chaptered fic, person of interest

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