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Person of Interest; Fic; G

Title: Life and Death: Retired
Characters: John/Finch, Bear, Shaw and Root
Chapter: 5/5
Total Word Count: 10,000+
Word Count for this chapter: 413
Rating: NC-17
Summary: John retires
Notes: slight spoilers for season four
An: The final chapter just to wrap everything up. Thanks to everyone for reading.

John was standing outside the house he lived in with Harold. The sun was shining and warming his skin. Bear and his two puppies were running around chasing brown, falling leaves.

He picked up an ax and hefted in his hands. The wooden handle and sharp metal head were heavy. He really needed to cut some wood. His job as a police detective left him little time to do house work, but he enjoyed being self reliant.

A bear puppy named Snowball came up to John and John bent down to ruffle her soft white and brown fur.

'Good girl,' John said as her pink tongue came out and licked his fingers.

He stood up and watched as a little, red convertible pulled into the driveway and Shaw and Root stepped out. Bear and his puppies ran up to the two woman and were petted.

John walked up to them. 'What are you doing here.'

Root smile as she rubbed Bear's head. 'It's nice to see you too, John. I have news for you and Harold.'

'News, huh? Somehow I doubt you tracked us down just to give us the baseball scores.'

'Ha. Ha. Very funny. It's about The Machine. Is Harold here?'

'Yeah. Come on.'

They walked into the house and were met by Harold.

'Hello, Ms. Grove and Ms. Shaw. What is this about?'

'Samaritan is dead and The Machine gave up her life to save us.'

Harold's eyes went wide as he lead them to the kitchen table.

That night, John and Harold were laying in bed. Harold was grading papers and John was watching a western.

'You okay Harold?' John asked.

'About what?' Harold asked as he took off his glasses and looked over at John.

'About The Machine. I know it might not have been your kid, but you still created it.'

'I have thought about this and have to say that I feel saddened that I can no longer help numbers, but perhaps it's for the best.'

'Do you think the government will try to make a new one?'

'I have no doubt. The genie is already out of the bottle, so to speak. Apparently Ms. Grove and Ms. Shaw will try their best to stop any attempt.

John moved his arm and held Harold close. John always thought he and Harold would die saving numbers, but it looked like they were retired and John was all right with that as long as he was with Harold.
Tags: bear, fic, multi-chaptered fic, person of interest, reese/finch, root, shaw

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