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Person of Interest. Fic. G

Title: Cat For Hire Chapter 2
Characters: Reese/Finch
Rating: G
Word Count: 627
Summary: John has feelings for Harold
AN: slight spoilers for 4x3 (Wingman)
An2: chapter one here on AO3

John sat down on a seat in an abandoned subway car. The air was thick with dust and the seat seemed to be more metal than padding, but he didn't mind. He still had paperwork to do as Detective Riley, but it had been a long day and all he wanted was a break. Apparently 'a break' involved being in the old subway, but he was near Harold and that was the important thing; he would never admit it to anyone, but he always wanted to be near Harold even if they couldn't be physically close.

As he leaned back and closed his eyes he felt the cat jump onto to lap and knead his pant legs. He reached down and rubbed her soft fur. She purred loudly. When he had heard that Bear had hired her to catch rats he had been wary, but now she was just another member of their mismatched team.

John had never had a pet before (besides Bear of course) but he thought he must be doing something right if she was purring. He had seen what she had done to those rats and if he pissed her off he'd probably need stitches.

As she purred, John heard a squeak as Harold's computer chair moved. He opened his eyes and saw Harold staring at him, there was a slight smile on Harold's face.

The cat jumped off John's lap and walked over to Harold. She rubbed against his legs and he petted her. She purred and arched up into his touch. John knew the feeling, he wouldn't mind arching into Finch's touch either; he pushed that thought away, it wouldn't do to think about his boss like that... Even if they were more like friends than boss and employee.

'I think someone likes you,' John said. As soon as the words were out of his mouth he thought that even though he was talking about the cat it was a little too close to his feelings, but it was too late to take it back.

'I like her too.'

'Did you ever have pets as a kid.'

'Not as such. We had several barn cats, but they were more feral than anything else.'

'You had a barn?' John asked. Finch was by his own admission a very private person so any information he gave out were gold as far as John was concerned.

'I did. My father and I lived on a farm for most of my childhood.' Finch said with sadness in his voice.

'Oh. Have you decided on a name for the cat,' John said changing the subject because he didn't like the sadness in Finch's voice.

'I just call her The Cat.'

John smirked. Leave it to Finch to go with the obvious, he did name his life's work The Machine after all.

John stretched and got up. He didn't really want to leave, but he had work to do. Boring, mind numbing police work, but work never the less.

'I got to go, paperwork waits for no man. Don't work too hard.'

John walked out of the subway and got on his motorcycle. As he drove down the dark city streets a cold wind hit his face, but all he could think about was Harold. He needed to get a handle on his feelings. It wasn't so bad during the day when he was Mr. Reese and Harold was Mr. Finch, but when the day was done all he could think about was what it would like to touch and kiss Harold.

It would be so much easier if he could just talk about his feelings, but that was one thing he just couldn't do. If he had told Jessica about his feelings she would still alive.
Tags: fic, person of interest, reese/finch

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