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Person of Interest. fic. NC-17

Title: Cat For Hire (chapter 4)
Characters: Reese/Finch
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,933
Summary: Shameless porn.
AN: slight spoilers for 4x3 (Wingman)
An1: Pervious chapters here on AO3

John and Harold were walking to Professor Whistler's apartment. The moon in the night sky was full and a cool breeze brushed against John's skin. It was a good night to be with Harold, but than any night when they didn't have a number was a good night.

Just for one night he wanted to be Detective Riley and not worry about the digital dragon that was Samaritan.

The two men were walking close and even though their relationship had changed that really was nothing new; even when John had been JUST Harold's employee he had always stood just a little too close.

Harold reached out and intertwined their fingers and that was something new. John enjoyed the warmth of Harold's skin and he caught the scent of Harold's spicy cologne.

They walked up to the red brick apartment building that Harold lived in and they climbed the steps still holding hands. Once they made it to the apartment door, Harold released John's hand to put his key in the lock.

John stepped inside and Bear ran up to him. John bent down and Bear slobbered all over his face and Bear's tag wagged back and forth.

John ruffled Bear's fur and laughed. Once he let go of Bear and stood up he looked over at Harold. Harold was grinning.

'I think someone missed you,' Harold said.

'I missed him too,' John said. Even though he had just seen Bear an hour ago he still missed the dog.

'Now what?' John asked. He wanted nothing more than to kiss Harold again, but he didn't want to assume.

'Would you like to sit down?' Harold said.

'Sure.' John went over to Harold couch and sat down. He looked around the small apartment. The light blue walls were covered with photos of Bear and Harold and even a few closeups of various birds.

Harold sat down next to John.

'Do you like to take pictures?' John asked as he threw his arm over the back of the couch.

'I do,' Harold said. It seemed liked he wanted to say something else, but he didn't.

'Something on your mind?' John asked.

'Not really, it's just that those photographs always make me think about my father.'

'Oh, yeah? Did he take pictures?'

'Not really. When I was child he started to lose his memory and by the time I was in collage he didn't even recognise me.'

John took Harold's hand and said the only thing he could think of. 'Shit.' He didn't want to say 'sorry' because he had hated people saying that when his father had died.


'Are you worried that you'll lose your memory too?'

'No. He was my adoptive father. I just like to think that he would have liked my photography. He liked birds.'

'Yeah. I bet my dad would have liked that I kneecap people for a living,' John said trying to lighten the mood.

Harold smiled a little bit. 'Would you like a drink?'

John didn't really want a drink. 'Actually I was hoping we could kiss. Is that okay.'

Harold's smile got bigger and his eyes lit up. 'I would like that very much.'

Harold turned and leaned close to John. John captured his lips and they kissed. Harold deepened the kiss and John kneaded Harold's shoulders. As Harold brought his hands up and combed his fingers through John's hair he felt his cock harden as he felt Harold's tongue brush against his lips.

John opened his mouth and their tongues brushed. After several moments of sloppy, messy kissing Harold broke the kiss and John almost whimpered. John didn't usually let people in, but now that he had let Harold in he couldn't get enough.

They were both panting and Harold's glasses were askew. John had to shift because his cock was hard and uncomfortable.

Harold looked down. 'Oh, dear. It would seem you have a erection. Would you like me to take care of it?'

John couldn't speak, all the blood that should have gone to his brain had gone to his cock, so he just nodded.

Harold reached over and unzipped John pants and pulled his cock out. Harold wrapped his fingers around it and stroked. John had to close his eyes because he knew that if he watched Harold's hand travel up and down his cock he would come ridiculously soon.

He sat back and concentrated on the sensations around him. Sometimes Harold's grip would be light and sometimes it would be tight.

Much too soon, John felt his orgasm coming and all he could do was grunt out as he came hard.

He opened his eyes and looked over at Harold. His forehead glistened with sweat.

'Did you like that?' Harold asked as he took out a handkerchief and cleaned his hand. Once he was done he wiped John cock and put it back in John's pants.

'Oh, yeah. Do you want me to take care of you?'

Harold's cheeks went red. 'Oh... It would seem that I... That is to say...'

John looked down and noticed a dark spot on his pants. He broke into a smirk. 'Did you come by giving me a hand-job?'

'Yes. You're very alluring. I won't be able to become hard for at least a few hours. Would you like to sleep with me until then?'

'Sure. Lead the way,' John said. Now that he had come he felt tired and sleeping with Harold sounded like a great plan. He stood up on shaky legs and Harold lead him through the apartment.

The walls were covered with more pictures. Once they made their way to the bedroom John stepped into the room and looked around. The floor under his feet was a honey colored wood and the walls were cream colored. A large bed was surround by books stacked at least four feet high. John walked over to the bed and ran his hand over the patchwork quilt that covered it; the fabric was worn and soft.

'Would you like some clothes to wear,' Harold asked as he made his way to his wooden dresser.

John started to unbutton his shirt. 'That's okay. I like sleeping in my underwear.' John opened his shirt and let it fall off his shoulders.

'Ah, I see.'

John unbuttoned his pants. 'If you're lucky I'll sleep naked the next time I come over.'

'Oh, I can hardly wait.'

Once John's clothes were in a pile on the floor he went over to Harold's bed and laid down. The quilt was soft against his back and the bedding smelled like Harold. He watched as Harold undressed with his back to John.

John licked his lips as he took in Harold's pale back. Harold dressed in green silk pajamas and made his way to the bed. He laid down on top of John and as they gently kissed John ran his hands all over Harold's body. There was something to be said for letting people in.

The next morning, John woke up in Harold's bed. Harold was using John's chest as a pillow and John's arms were wrapped around him. John buried his nose in Harold's hair and it tickled.

John rubbed Harold's back and Harold's eyes opened.

'Morning,' John said as Harold grinned at him.

'Good morning. Do you want to get up?'

'Nah. I'm good. Do you?'

Harold nuzzled John's chest. 'Not as such. I'm quite comfortable although I think your penis is poking me in the leg.'

'Oh yeah. Do you want to take care of my morning wood?'

'Oh, yes,' Harold said as he began to kiss John's chest.

When he licked one of John's nipples, John groaned and felt his cock harden even more.

Harold kissed his way down John's chest until he came to John's underwear. He mouthed John's cock through the fabric and John gripped the blanket under him.

'Lift up your hips, please,' Harold said.'

John lifted his hips and Harold pulled the underwear down John's tan thighs.

Once the underwear were off, Harold licked the underside of John cock from root to tip, he twirled his tongue around the head.

'Oh, fuck!' John yelled out.

He yelled out again when Harold wrapped his lips around the head and began to suck. Harold lowered his head and his mouth slid down the shaft. All John could concentrate on was the warm wet mouth around his cock.

Again and again his mouth slid up and down the cock and John groaned and moaned, he couldn't remember the last time he had had such a good blow job.

After several moments, Harold backed off until only the head was in his mouth and he sucked hard.

John's orgasm came on all at once and he came hard as his eyes fluttered close.

Once he opened his eyes he saw Harold wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, he looked pleased with himself.

'Come here,' John said as he reached for Harold.

Harold moved toward John and settled against him as the kissed.

'Did you enjoy yourself?' Harold asked.

'Yeah. Do you want me to... You know?' He could feel Harold's hard cock against his leg.

'Only if you want.'

'I do. Can you take off your clothes?'

'I'd rather not.'

'Oh, is it some kind of kink?' John asked trying to not sound too disappointed. He had been looking forward to seeing Harold naked.

'Not as such, it's just that I've put on a noticeable amount of weight and you might not find that appealing.'

John kneaded Harold's shoulder. 'I find everything about you appealing.'


Harold moved over and sat up. He unbuttoned his pyjama shirt and John just stared as a pale chest was revealed. It was covered with dark hair and Harold's nipples were pink.

John licked his lips as he reached out and touched Harold's chest, the skin was warm and the chest hair was scratchy under his fingers.

John leaned in and brushed his lip against Harold's nipple. Harold hissed.

'Would you like to lay down?' John asked. He wanted nothing more than to lavish attention on Harold.

'Of course.'

Harold laid down and John started by kissing and nuzzling his neck, Harold's scent filled his nose. John moved down and swirled his tongue around one of Harold's pink nipples. It was hard under his tongue.

Harold's hands came up and lightly held onto John hair as groans escaped his lips. John just grinned as he kissed and licked his way down Harold's body. Once he got to Harold's pudgy stomach he kissed and nipped at it.

Finally he moved to Harold's pajama pants, they were straining against Harold's hard cock.

Pulled the pants down Harold's pale thighs and looked at the hard cock before him. It was thicker and shorter than his own and the tip was dark red.

Seeing the cock made him want to taste it so he did by wrapping his lips around the head. The skin was salty in his mouth.

Harold groaned as his thighs shook.

'I'm... Going... To...' Harold panted out.

John didn't need words to know that Harold was going to come. He had never given a blow job before and he wanted to taste Harold's come.

As Harold came, John's mouth was filled with a salty taste. Once Harold was done and his cock had gone soft, John moved up and kissed Harold.

As the kiss turn sloppy John thought that the morning couldn't get any better. Later that morning when Harold made John breakfast the morning did indeed get better.
Tags: fic, finch/reese, person of interest

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