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Person of Interest. fic. NC-17

Title: Cat For Hire (fifth and final chapter)
Characters: Reese/Finch and Bear
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,252
Summary: Fluff (in more ways than one)
AN: slight spoilers for 4x3 (Wingman)
An1: Pervious chapters here on AO3
AN: I'd like to thank everyone who read and enjoyed this fic.

John woke up in Harold's embrace. He was using Harold's chest as a pillow and Harold's arm was wrapped around John waist. Harold's skin was warm and comforting, his face was peaceful in sleep. John rubbed his face against Harold's chest and revelled at the starchy feeling of chest hair against his skin.

He just grinned. They were both naked. Any morning when he woke up naked was a good morning.

He had never really been that big in cuddling, but all things seemed possible with Harold.

He laid like that for several minutes, not wanting to get up, but knowing he would have to get up and become Detective Riley. He buried his face in Harold's chest hair and breathed in the scent of skin. He wanted just a few more minutes of peace.

Harold stirred and tightened his grip. 'Good morning,'

'Morning. Want me to make breakfast?'

Harold rubbed John's back and placed gentle kisses on the top of John's head. 'That sounds wonderful.'

John stretched and reluctantly pulled away from Harold. He shivered as cool air touched his skin. 'What's your poison?'

'I'm in the mood for eggs.'

John moved off the bed and pulled on the pants that laid crumpled on the floor. 'Okay.'

John walked through his apartment to the kitchen. His old couch had been replaced by the couch that had been in Harold's apartment. He had to admit it had a certain charm, just like a certain genius he knew. There were some of Harold's photographs on the walls and John's coffee table was covered with papers that Professor Whistler was in the process of grading.

He walked into the kitchen and The Cat waddled up to him. Her large stomach almost touched the floor it hung so low. He bent down and scratched her ear and his purred like a motorcycle.

'Hey, girl. I'm happy to see you too,' John said as he thought about putting her on a diet. He would never admit to anyone, but every time she mewed for treats he gave her some. He was just too soft.

He went to the refrigerator and took out the eggs. He was about to crack them when he heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. The last time he had joined Harold in the shower had been memorable. He was quickly developing a thing for shower sex.

It looked like the eggs would have to wait.

He walked to the bathroom and walked in. The room was full of steam. Harold was in the shower washing himself. John just watched as water slid down Harold's pale skin, it was like something out of porn. It was better than porn because he could touch and be touched

'Want some company?' John asked.

'Of course. When you join me there is less washing and more fellatio, not that I am complaining.

John took off his pants and stepped into the shower. He groaned when hot water hit his skin. He settled behind Harold and rubbed Harold's stomach; Harold might be embarrassed by the weight he had put on, but John had found that he enjoyed rubbing and kissing the stomach.

John licked the water from Harold's shoulder as he moved his hand to Harold's cock and began stroking it.

It hardened under John's touch.

Harold groaned as John kissed and licked at his neck and shoulder. His other hand rubbed Harold's stomach.

Maybe it was the warmth of the water or the closeness of a hard Harold (or both) but John felt his own cock harden. He removed his hand from Harold's stomach and started stroking his own cock.

Stroking both cocks at was once was a little awkward, he couldn't even rub his stomach and pat his head at the same time, but he was nothing if not determined.

He felt Harold's body start to shake and sped up the stroking knowing that Harold was close to coming. Harold cried out as he came in John's hand.

Harold's hand moved around behind him and he barely touched John before John eyes fluttered close as he came.

They stood under the warm spray of water for a long moment.

'We should wash up, don't you think?' Harold said breaking the silence.

John opened his eyes and kissed Harold's shoulder. 'I guess, we don't want to late for work.'

John didn't really want to leave, he wanted to take Harold back to bed and kiss every bit of his body, but he knew he would have to go to work.

Later that night he came back to his apartment. His steps were heavy with exhaustion and all he wanted to do was watch an action movie and forget about his day as Detective Riley.

Harold met him at the door and placed a kiss on his lips.

'How was your day?' He asked as John made his way to the couch.

'Rough. There was so much paperwork I thought my hand was going to fall off.'

'Oh, dear,' Harold said as he sat down next to John and intertwined their fingers. 'Is there anything I can do?'

John lifted Harold's fingers to his mouth and kissed them. 'Kissing sounds good right about now.'

They kissed gently, but they kisses still became heated. John's hands slipped under Harold's vest and slid over his skin.

Harold broke the kiss. 'Perhaps we should go to a movie.'

'Sure. I'd like more kissing though.'

Harold brushed his lips against John's. 'Of course. I'll be right back.'

Harold stood up and walked to the bedroom.

'John!' Harold yelled from the bedroom. He sounded shocked.

John reached under the couch cushion and pulled out the gun he kept there. He then bolted off the couch and ran to the bedroom; if anyone was going to hurt Harold, he was going to make them pay.

Once John got to the bedroom he relaxed when he saw Harold just standing in the middle of the room. Harold was wide-eyed and John followed his gaze to the bed. The Cat was laying on one of John's shirts and the white fabric was red with blood. At first he thought she had been injured in a fight, but then he noticed three little balls of fluff cuddled into her side.

'Did The Cat give birth on our bed?' John asked.

'It would appear so.'

'Well, damn. I thought she was just getting fat. Now what?'

Harold just looked at him with something close to fear in his eyes. 'I have no idea.'

John just looked at the little kittens, he looked up at The Cat and she seemed to have a look of pride in her eyes.

Two months later John was laying on the couch. The black kitten he called Clint (as in Eastwood) was curled up on his chest. As he stroked Clint's ear the kitten purred loudly. It's fur was so soft it felt lick one of Harold's silk ties.

The other two kittens were sleeping next to Bear in his dog bed. For a dog, Bear was quite a good mother cat.

They had decided to keep all the cats and John had to admit he liked having them around. He might not have been a cat person before, but now he was. Harold might complain about the fur on his suits, but John noticed that Harold always let the cats on his lap while he was working at his computer.

His family had grown and he was happy.
Tags: bear, fic, finch/reese, person of interest

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