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Person of Interest. Fic. NC-17

Title: Role Playing
Characters: John/Harold and Bear
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,226
Summary: Harold has to pretend to be Mr. Egret and John discovers something about himself.
An: I love that the Reese/Egret ship name would be Regret.

John walked into the abandoned subway car. It wasn't like The Library, but it had a certain charm. Instead of being surrounded by ruined books, he was surrounded by metal and ruined subway cars. He walked into the subway car that Finch used as a makeshift office and looked over at the man; he was typing away on his computer and Bear was sleeping at his feet. He would never admit it to anyone, but he could spend hours watching Finch's fingers fly over computer keys.

He was a man of simple pleasures and one of those pleasures was Finch.

Bear lifted his head and went over to John. John bent down and ruffled Bear's fur. His fur was soft under John's fingers. After a moment, Bear went back over to Finch's feet and laid down.

He sat down and was trying to decide which one of his guns he should clean. His mother always used to say that a clean gun was a happy gun. She had always took care of her guns and had been the one to teach him how to shoot.

Instead he decided to indulge in his favorite past time which was watching Finch work. He liked watching Finch work because it meant that Finch was safe. He knew as well as anyone that sooner or later they would both end up dead, but he hoped that it was much much later. I tiny voice in the back of his brain said that he hoped he dead first, he just couldn't picture a world without Finch in it.

Finch turned and John could tell something was wrong. Finch looked nervous.

'John? There is something I have to ask you.'


'I need you to accompany me to a meeting with a drug dealer who's number came up.'

'Okay.' John said. He didn't see why that would make Finch nervous. He asked him stuff all the time. One time he even asked John to be a date for Mr. Wren.

'It's... Just... Oh, dear... I have to use my alter ego Mr. Egret and he can be somewhat intense.'

'I think I can handle it,' John said with a grin. He had dealt with intense people before, but it might be interesting to see Finch intense.

Later that day, John and Mr. Egret were sanding in front of a drug dealer. John had thought that Finch would look different as Egret, but he looked the same even if he did stand a little bit straighter.

They were in an apartment that had nothing but a table and chairs in it. There were guns and a stack of money sitting in the table. Against the wall stood two large men with guns in their hands. They tried to look menacing, but John knew he would have no problem dealing with them if it came to it.

'You Egret?' The dealer who's name was Doug asked.

'I'm Mr. Egret. We spoke on the phone.'

'Got you. Who's the other guy? Your bodyguard?' Doug said as he looked John up and down. John tried to give off a menacing air. It must have worked because Doug look a step backward and turned his attention to Mr. Egret.

'Please. I have never needed a bodyguard and I certainly don't need one now. He is an associate,' Egret said his voice dripping with barely concealed anger.

Doug's eyes went wide and he gulped nervously, his Adam's apple moved up and down.

John gulped but for an entirely different reason. He was thankful for the fact that he was wearing loose pants; his cock had hardened and the last thing he needed was for his boss to see his ill-timed hard-on.

The meeting ended quickly and John and Finch were in a town car. John was looking out of a window as the city passed by. He was thinking about his reaction to Mr. Egret. It was a fluke, it had to be. He just wasn't used to seeing Finch like that because otherwise... He wasn't even going to think about what 'otherwise' meant.

It wasn't even the fact that Finch was a man that bothered John, he had had sex with men before, but that Finch was the closest thing he had to a friend.

He looked over at Finch, his profile was lit by streetlights and John convinced himself that his hard-on had been a fluke. As he looked at Finch his cock stayed soft.

At a stoplight Finch spoke. 'There is a movie marathon at the local theater next week and I was wondering if you'd like to go.'

John thought about it and said yes. As long as Finch wasn't Mr. Egret again he souls be fine.

Finch smiled when John said yes.

Finch drove John to Riley's apartment and John walked into it.

The apartment was small and saying it was run down was charitable. The walls were covered with a dingy yellow wallpaper that was peeling and the carpet had a large purple stain in one corner.

As John walked to his bedroom he stripped down his shirt and let it fall to the floor like a snake shedding skin. Once in his bedroom he sat down on his bed, the springs squeaked under his weight, and he removed his shoes and pants. It had been a strange day and all he wanted to do was go to sleep.

He laid down and got under his blanket. The blanket smelled and John had to remember to do laundry soon.

Yellow light from a street lamp shinded through his window and it was just enough light for John to see the crack in the plaster on his ceiling.

He stared at the crack trying to sleep.

After several moments he sighed and sat up. For a moment he thought about getting a drink of whisky to take the edge off, but dismissed the thought; nothing good ever came from him drinking. Then he thought about watching t.v. but there were only so many infomercials that a man could watch.

Instead he decided to do something else to take the edge off. He reached over and pulled out a tube of lube from the desk sitting by his bed.

He pulled his underwear down his thighs and lubed up his fingers. He settled back against his pillows and lightly stroked his cock. Most of the time when he jerked off he pictured women, but tonight he wanted something a little different.

He groaned as his free hand twisted his nipple.

He pictured a man with shoulder length blond hair and tan skin. His pink tongue came out and licked at the underside of John's cock as John stroked his cock to hardness.

The man wrapped his pink lips around John's cock head and John sped up his strokes. After several moments of stroking he felt his orgasm coming.

He tightness his grip and suddenly the man changed. His blond hair became spikier and darker, his tan skin became paler. He looked up at John with a hard expression and sucked on John's cock. John's whole body tightened as he came hard.

John released his soft cock and said the only thing that he could think of, 'fuck.'

He knew when he was screwed and he was totally and completely screwed.
Tags: bear, person of interest, reese/finch

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