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Person of Interest. fic. Nc-17

Title: Role Playing (chapter 2)
Characters: John/Harold and Bear
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,858
Summary: Harold has to pretend to be Mr. Egret and John discovers something about himself.
An: I love that the Reese/Egret ship name would be Regret.

John walked into his apartment, his arms full of grocery bags. He sat the bags on the counter and Bear came up to him. He scratched Bear behind the ear and Bear's tail wagged back and forth.

He picked up Bear's pink stuffed lamb and threw it. Bear ran after it.

It must be nice to be a dog and have no worries.

Speaking of worries, he thought about cancelling his plans with Harold, he had no clue how he was going to look the man in the face after John had had a sexual fantasy about him, but he knew he wouldn't. Harold was one of the few people he had let himself get close to and he wasn't going to let something like sex get between them.

He went over to a grocery bag and pulled out a six pack. He yanked a beer and held the can in his hand. The metal was cold under his fingers. He open the can and chugged the liquid, if he was going to be near Harold he need liquid courage, he just hoped it didn't come back to bite him in the ass.

It would have been easier to just tell Harold about his feelings, but while he might kneecap people there were some things that he just couldn't do.

After his third beer the rest of the night happened in a blur.

The next morning John woke up to a pounding head ache. He slowly opened his eyes and the pain intensified.

He snapped his eyes shut and heard Harold exclaim, 'Oh, dear.'

He heard Harold walk over to him and felt a cool, wet cloth being gently pressed against his forehead.

The pain in his head was still there, but it was bearable.

John pulled the cloth off his forehead and slowly opened his eyes. Harold was kneeling on the floor staring at him with concern in his eyes.

'How are you feeling?' Harold asked.

'Like I've been hit by a truck.'

Harold stood up. 'That's not surprising. You drank a copious amount of alcohol last night.' It wasn't an accusation, just a statement.

'Would you like some dry toast?' Harold asked

He thought about it. He didn't think he's be able to keep anything thing down, but he would try for Harold.

'Sure,' he said.

John looked around. He was in his living laying on his couch. A worn blanket was pulled up to his chest and there was a pillow from his bedroom under his head.

Bear came over and laid his head next to John hand. He whimpered.

'I'm okay, boy.' Everything's fine,' John said even though he knew everything was not fine. He still had to deal with his Egret fetish, but he was not thinking about that. He certainly wasn't thinking about what it would feel like to have his hands on John's body.

Harold came back carrying a plate with two slices of toast on it. The scent of toast made John feel sick. Harold sat the plate on John's coffee table.

'Is there anything else you need?'

'I'm good.'

'Good. Well, I should take my leave. Please call if you need anything.'

'Sure. Thanks.'

Harold stood up and looked like he was going to say something else, but instead he left.

John sat up and the room spun. After several minutes the room settled and John picked up a piece of toast and took a few cautious nibbles. The dryness did help his stomach, it was a shame there was no food to help with his feelings. At least he was good at putting his feeling in a box and putting them away.

Over the next few weeks, John convinced himself that he could handle his feelings. If he spent some of his down jerking off to Harold-filled fantasies than no one had to know.

One day he was feeling so good that he thought about asking Harold to a movie. He walked into the subway and found Harold sitting in his subway car typing away on his keyboard.

'Hey, Finch,' John said with a smile.

Harold turned and smiled back. 'Hello, John.'

'I saw that the movie theatre downtown is having a classic movie merathon and I thought we could should go.'

Harold brought his hand up and ran it through his hair. He suddenly couldn't meet John's gaze. 'Oh, dear. I'll have to decline.'

John's heart sank. 'Oh. Is it because the last we went to the movies I got drunk. I promise I won't drink this time.'

'It is that, but not the way you think. That night you propositioned me.'

John eyes went wide and his heart sped up. 'Fuck! I'm sorry... I didn't mean...' He stammered. He didn't really know what to say to a fuck up like that.

Harold met John's eyes. 'It's fine. Nothing happened. I would never take advantage of you while you were intoxicated.'

John thought he had misheard. 'Wait a minute. Are you saying you would have sex with me if I wasn't drunk?'

Harold's cheeks turned pink and it really shouldn't have been as much of a turn on as it was. 'Of course. I thought my attraction was obvious.'

John went up to Harold and took his hand. He kissed the knuckles. The skin was warm and soft. He caught Harold's sent and it was warm an inviting.

'I'm not drunk now and I would love to sex with you.'

'Oh, my. That sounds wonderful,' Harold said with a smile so bright that it made John gasp.

John was about to say something when he heard Harold's computer beep.

'Oh, dear,' Harold said as he went over to his computer and stared at the screen.

'What is it?' John asked.

'It appears that our latest number has used an ATM machine downtown.'

John understood. It was time to become Mr. Reese and go to work.

'We'll talk later,' John said as he picked up his favorite gun and made his way out of the subway.

Later that day, John went back to the subway. His gun was slung over his shoulder. He sat down his gun as Bear came up to greet him. John ruffled his fur.

He went into Harold's subway car and saw Harold sitting at his computer.

'Hey,' John said.

Harold turned around. 'Hello. Everything went well I take it?'

'Yeah. I knee capped a guy and protected the number.'

'Good. We should talk now, don't you think,' Harold said as he took his glasses off and cleaned them with s handkerchief.

John's stomach flipped. He could shoot someone in the knee without breaking a sweat, but feelings scared the shit out of him.

'Let's talk. I... Um... I want to have sex with you,' John stammered out. It might not be a declaration of love, but it was as close as he could get.

'I want to as well. I just have one request.'

'Sure. What is it?'

'I can't be your boss when we fornicate.'

John ran his fingers through his hair. 'Good. I don't want you be. Now what?'

Harold stood up and walked over to John. He moved close and brushed his lips against John's. 'Perhaps we should start with kissing.'

John kissed Harold back. 'Sounds good to me.'

John kissed Harold again and Harold made a happy noise. John brought his hands up and held Harold's shoulders, the fabric of his suit was soft under John's fingers.

John deepened the kiss as Harold combed his fingers through John's hair. John brushed his tongue against Harold's lips and Harold opened his mouth.

As their tongues brushed, John felt himself harden.

After several moments of kissing They broke the kiss and John rested his chin on Harold's shoulder. They were both panting.

'Oh, my,' Harold said.

'Is that a good oh, my?' John asked grinning. He hoped it was good, it had been good to him and not just because it had made him hard.

'Oh, yes. It was very good. Speaking of that, is that your erection poking me in the leg?'


'I see. Would you like me to take care of it for you?'

John thought about it. He did want Harold to jerk him off, but he didn't want to move too quickly.

'Only if you want to.'

'I do. Would you like fellatio?'

John eyes went wide, damn if Harold didn't get right to the point. 'Sounds great.'

The words were barely out of mouth before Harold went to his knees. For just a moment John was reminded of the time Harold was on his knees to tailor John suit, this time it was much more erotic. He was never going to be able to have his suit tailored by Harold without getting hard anymore.

Harold unzipped John's pants and pulled out his hard cock. His hands were warm and soft as he lightly gripped the shaft. His pink tongue came out and licked the deep red head of John's cock. John groaned as Harold's lips wrapped around the head. It was so wet and warm.

It was all John could do to watch as Harold moved his head and his lips back and forth along the shaft. Each time he would go farther down the shaft. After several moments he pulled back and swirled his tongue across the head. He then took John's entire length into his mouth.

Maybe it was because John had been fantasizing about it or maybe it was because John hadn't had sex in a long time, but it seemed like Harold obviously had some practice with cock sucking.

After several moments Harold moved his arm and even though John couldn't see where Harold hand was, Harold's arm movement made it clear that he was stroking his own cock.

Harold backed off and sucked hard on John's cock head. That combined with the sight of Harold's hallowed cheeks made John come hard.

His eyes flattered shut.

After he came down from his orgasm he opened his eyes just in time to see Harold release John's cock and wipe his mouth with back of his hand. It was shame that John had just come because the sight of Harold wiping his mouth would have made John come again.

Harold stood up and kissed John. The kiss was sloppy and John could taste himself in Harold's mouth.

Once they broke their kiss, John rested his chin on Harold's shoulder.

'Did you come?' John asked.

'I did.'

'Do you always come from sucking cock or is it just me?'

'Both. I have always had an oral fixation and I seem to also have a John fixation.' Harold said as he placed his hands on the sides of John stomach and moved his fingers on small circles on the shirt fabric.

'Can I ask you something?'

'Of course. Anything.'

'Where did you learn to suck cock?'

'In collage. I engaged in many amorous activities.'

John wanted to ask if they could role play, but that would have to wait. Right now he just wanted to enjoy the feeling of Harold's body pressed against his.
Tags: bear, fic, person of interest, reese/finch

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