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Person Interest. Role Playing

Role Playing (chapter 3)
Characters: John/Harold and Bear
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,704
Summary: Harold has to pretend to be Mr. Egret and John discovers something about himself.
An: I love that the Reese/Egret ship name would be Regret.
An: Can also be read here at AO3

The night after Harold sucked John's cock for the first time they were still pressed together. It had to only been minutes since Harold had given John a (in John opinion) fantastic blow job and they were just holding each other. John pulled Harold even closer and kissed him; Harold's lips were warm and chapped. He could taste himself in Harold's mouth, a salty flavor.

He ran his fingers through Harold's hair and the spiky strands were surprisingly soft. John may have fantasied about this moment, but it was much better than anything his brain could come up with.

Harold seemed to melt into John touch. After several moments Harold broke the kiss and nuzzled John neck.

Suddenly John was unsure. He didn't want this to be a one time encounter, but if it was he would live with it. He would be happy about it, but he would solider now and he was nothing if not a good solider. He didn't think Finch was the kind of guy to have one night stands, but one never knew.

John broke the kiss. 'Hey, Finch? Can I ask you something?'

'Of course.'

'Is this a one time thing?'

Harold went stiff in John's arms. 'Do you want it to be because I don't.'

John grinned. 'Nope.'

'Would you like to go home with me?' Harold asked.

John didn't even have to think about it. 'Of course.'

Harold grinned as he nipped at John's lips. They stood close and then Harold pulled away. He took John hand and John reveled in the feeling of warm skin against his own. The skin was so warm and soft.

They left the subway together and walked down the street. They were so close that John could smell Harold's cologne, a cooling, soothing scent. The night air was cold and Harold had a scarf wrapped around his neck; he would never admit it but John thought it looked adorable. Once they made it to the car, a bright red roadster, John opened the door and Bear jumped into the back seat.

John sat down and noticed fast food wrappers on the floor. 'Huh?'

'What is it?' Harold said as he started the car.

'Your car. It doesn't seem like you.'

'It's not, but while Professor Whistler is going through a bit of a mid life crisis.'

'Got you,' John said as he sat back and looked out the window. The darken passed by him. All this talk about Professor Whistler made him think about his infatuation with Mr. Egret.

'You've put a lot of thought into Professor Whistler, huh?'

'Of course. Haven't you.'

John just shrugged. 'Not really. Riley shoots people and I shoot people.'

They drove through the city and arrived at Harold's apartment building. The building was made of red brick. They got out of the car and walked up crumbling concrete steps, above them a yellow light glowed weakly.

As soon as Harold opened the building's door, John was struck by the stench of piss and vomit. The walls of the hallway were covered with graffiti and the carpet was stained and ripped. The hallway was lit by uncovered yellow bulbs, most were burnt out.

'No offense, Harold but this place is a real dump,' John said.

'I am aware, but at least there are not any cameras around.'

John lived in a pretty crummy apartment himself, but not because he was worried about cameras. He just didn't have the desire to find anything better.

They walked down the hallway until they they came to Harold's apartment.

As John walked into the apartment he took the chance to look around. The apartment was far from a dump. The walls were painted light blue and the light carpet was plush and clean. A large white couch was against one wall. In front of it stood a metal coffee table covered with stacks of papers and books

Bear ran passed John and laid down on the couch. John just grinned. He could use a nap to especially if it involved sleeping with Harold.

'Would you like something to drink?' Harold asked as he moved around the room and removed his scarf and coat.

'Nuh. I could use a nap though. Do you want to sleep with me?'

Harold turned around and his smile made John breath catch. It was smile that lit up his whole face and made the corner of his eyes crinkle.

John removed his coat and walked down the hallway with Harold. He pulled Harold close and they kissed as they walked. Once they made it to the bedroom, Harold broke the kiss.

'Excuse me while I change into my sleeping clothes. Do you need anything to sleep in?' Harold asked.

He thought about it, but decided to sleep in his underwear.

Harold walked into the bathroom and John made his way to Harold's bed. He pulled his clothes off, until he was only in his boxers. He sat down on the bed and took in the room.

The room was small and the bed took up most of the room. A small wooden table sat next to the bed. Like the rest of the apartment the walls were blue and the carpet was plush.

He laid down on his stomach and moved up the bed until his face was buried in Harold's pillow. The scent of shampoo and hair gel was strong and John breathed deeply.

'Would you like me to leave you only with my pillow?' Harold asked when he came out of the bathroom.

John rolled over and stared at Harold. He was wearing red silk pyjamas that John was just itching to touch.

'Nope. It would be much more fun with you.'

Harold laid down on top of John and John rubbed Harold's back revelling in the feeling soft silk against his fingers.

They fell asleep just holding each other.

John woke up in the morning as sunlight shown through a window. Harold was still laying on top him and John revelled in the heavy warmth pressed against him. He kissed the top of Harold's head and Harold made happy noises in his sleep.

After several minutes, Harold woke up and stared up at John. 'Good morning. Did you sleep well?'

'Like a log. How about you?'

'Oh, yes. You are very comfortable.'

John grinned as he planted kisses on the top of Harold's head. 'I aim to please.'

Harold broke away from John's embrace and got off the bed.

'What are you doing?'

'Oh, dear. I thought I should change out of pajamas.'

'Why don't you just do it in front of me? I wouldn't mind seeing you naked.'

A blush creeped up Harold's cheeks. 'Really? Even though I've put on quite a bit of weight?'

'Sure. Just more of you to kiss,' John said with a grin. Just thinking about kissing Harold's stomach made John's cock twitch.

Harold stood by the side of the bed and unbuttoned his shirt as John licked his own lips. Harold's chest was pale and covered with dark hair, a thin line of hair started at his belly button and disappeared under his pants. John just wanted to run his fingers through that hair.

Once his shirt was unbuttoned, he let the shirt slip from shoulders and it fell to the floor. Next he slipped his pants down his pale thighs.

John smirked when he saw the large bulge in Harold's underwear and he had an idea.

'You look like you could use a little help,' John said gesturing to Harold's crotch.

Harold smirked. 'Oh yes, perhaps you would like to be helpful.'

'Sure, lay down of the bed,' John said as he slid over to the other side of the bed.

Harold laid down and John positioned himself above Harold. He started by kissing Harold's lips. After a little bit of kissing, he moved down and kissed and nipped at Harold's neck. The skin was warm and salty with sweat. He could have spent hours just kissing and licking Harold's skin, but he had more pressing matters to attend to. The matter (aka Harold's cock) was pressing into his thigh.

He moved down and sucked on one of Harold's pink nipples. Harold hissed.

'Oh.... Oh.... Oh dear!' Harold exclaimed as John swirled his tongue around the nipple.

John lifted his head. 'You like that?'

'Oh yes.'

'Good,' John said as he lowered his head and sucked hard on the nipple. He did aim to please.

After a while he moved down and kissed and nipped at Harold's stomach. The skin was pale and soft.

Finally, he moved on to Harold's hard cock. He lowered Harold's silk boxers and admired the hard cock in front of him.

It was thicker and longer than John own and the tip was a deep red. There was a thick vain along the underside that he wanted to lick, but he decided to start with Harold's balls that were covered with dark hair.

He sucked on one ball and Harold moaned, a moan that went straight to John's cock. After several moments he moved to Harold's cock. He had never sucked cock before, but he knew what he liked when he got his own cock sucked. He licked the underside from root to tip and was rewarded with seeing Harold grip the sheets and moan.

He swirled his tongue around the tip. He moved his head down and took a little bit of the shaft into his mouth. He brought his hand up and slid it up and down the shaft, he knew he wouldn't be up to taking the whole cock into his mouth.

He moved his other hand to his own hard cock and stroked it as he sucked on Harold's cock.

'Oh... I'm going to...' Harold said.

John knew that Harold was just about to come and John sucked the cock head harder. As his mouth was filled with salty come, John came.

He continued to stroke himself and suck on Harold's cock until their orgasms were done. John released Harold's cock and moved up Harold's body. Harold wrapped him in an embrace. John settled down against him and he had something important.

'Harold? How do you feel about role playing?'
Tags: bear, fic, finch/reese, person of interest

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