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Person of Interest. Fic NC-17

Title: Role Playing (final chapter)
Characters: John/Harold and Bear
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,292
Summary: Harold has to pretend to be Mr. Egret and John discovers something about himself.
An: I love that the Reese/Egret ship name would be Regret.
An2: I would like to thank everyone who gave me likes for this series

An: Can also be read here at AO3

John walked into his bathroom and turned on the light. He stood in front of the mirror and admired the hickeys and bite marks that marred his skin. As he touched each mark he smirked, it was the smirk of the well fucked... Well they hadn't really fucked yet, but they had done pretty much everything else.

Harold Egret had made yet another appearance (the third one this week) and John had really enjoyed himself. There was just something about being used that appealed to him. Of course he also enjoyed when they finished having rough dirty sex and Harold Finch would care for him. Harold would gently kiss John's skin and wipe the come from their bodies with a damp warm rag. Sometimes he would just hold John as they fell asleep.

John walked out of the bathroom and walked into his bedroom. Harold was laying on the bed reading a book.

John went over to the bed and laid down next to Harold. John's hand found its way to Harold's stomach and he couldn't resist rubbing the warm soft skin. Harold made a happy noise.

'Can I ask you something?' John said.

'Of course,' Harold said as his fingers combed through John hair.

'What would you like to roleplay?'

'Going on a date.' Harold said after a moment.

'A date? That sounds pretty tame.'

'Oh. Well if you don't want to do it I could come up with something else.'

'Nah. You can do that. Who will we roleplay as?'

'I was thinking perhaps we could roleplay as ourselves.'

John just grinned. 'Sure. Sure. Leave everything to me.'

If Harold wanted a date than that was just what he was going to get.

Later that night, John was in his apartment waiting for Harold to arrive. John was wearing his best shirt, it was black cotton and was tight enough to show off his chest, and a pair of black pants.

As he waited he drummed his fingers on his coffee table. Even though a date wasn't the most kinky thing they had done (not by far) he was still nervous. He couldn't remember the last time he had been on a real date.

John heard a knock on the door and opened to find Harold standing in front of him. Harold was wearing a his long dark coat and his scarf.

'Good evening,' Harold said as he walked past John into the apartment.

John helped Harold remove his coat and scarf and caught a whiff of Harold's scent, he breathed deeply. He brushed his lips against Harold's neck. The skin was soft and warm.

'Come on dinner's ready,' John said as he broke the kiss.

They walked to the kitchen and John pulled the chair out for Harold. If it was a date than John was going to be a gentlemen.

'Thank you. The food smells wonderful. Did you make it?'

John sat down. 'Nah. It's take-out. Is that okay?'

'Oh yes,' Harold said with a smile.

John got up and made Harold a plate of the sesame chicken he like.

They ate in a comfortable silence. As they ate John held Harold's hand and rubbed the skin with his thumb.

Once they were done eating John brought out a chocolate cake and sat a large piece in front of Harold.

Harold took a bite and chocolate frosting stuck to the corner of his mouth. His pink tongue came out to lick it. The sight of that tongue made John's cock twitch.

'Did you enjoy our date?' John asked as he took a bite of cake and chocolaty sweetness filled his mouth.

'Oh yes. Thank you.'

'Glad you liked it. Do you want to go to bed?'

Harold grinned. 'Oh I don't know. It was our first date and I wouldn't want you to think that I'm promiscuous.'

'Oh. You wouldn't want that' John said with a smirk. He knew that Harold was joking.

'On second thought perhaps being promiscuous would do me some good. Lead the way.'

They stood up and walked to John's bedroom. Once the got to the bedroom door John pulled Harold close and kissed him. Harold wrapped his arms around John's back and returned the kiss with vigour.

As they kiss, John walked them into the bedroom. Once they were near the bed Harold broke the kiss and began removing his clothes. John was so busy watching as pale skin was revealed that he almost forgot to remove his own clothes.

Once he remembered that he was still fully clothed he pulled off his shirt and pants. Soon they were both naked. Harold was hard. As John took in the sight of Harold's hard cock he licked his lips; he wanted nothing more than to lick and suck it, but that would have to wait. There was something else he wanted to do.

'Can I ride you?' John asked as he reached for Harold.

'Ride?' Harold asked as his hands moved up and down John naked back.

'Yeah you know. Where you lay on your back and I penetrate myself on your cock.'

Harold's cheeks turned pink and he bowed his head. 'Oh, of course you can.'

Harold broke their embrace and moved to the bed. He laid down on the bed and his pale skin was in contrast to John dark sheets. Harold stroked himself until he was fully hard.

John stroked himself and moved over to the bed. He positioned above the hard cock and slowly lowered himself onto the head. The stretch was not so much painful as uncomfortable.

'Oh, dear. You've already prepared yourself?'

'Yeah. I'm all loose and lubed up, is that okay?' John read several online articles and had learned to loosen himself with lube covered fingers. He had done that before Harold had arrived.

'Of course. I would have liked to see you prepare yourself, but that can wait for next time.'

'I'll hold you to that,' John said as he slowly lowered himself down the shaft. All the articles he read online said you should go slow the first time.

After he was about half way down the shaft he rose up and Harold groaned. He lowered himself further onto the shaft and gasped as the cock hit his prostate. His own cock hardened as he moaned.

Again and again he moved up and down the shaft. Harold's hands came up and gripped John thighs. The only sounds that could be heard were moans and groans.

All too soon John felt his orgasm building.

'Harold... Stroke... Stroke me...' was all John could get out.

Harold reached over and stroked John cock. John came with Harold's cock rubbing against his prostate and Harold's hand around his cock.

As he came he felt Harold come inside him.

Once John's orgasm was over he fell forward and collapsed on top of Harold. Harold's hands ribbed John's back.

'Call me by my name,' John said as he nuzzled Harold's neck.'


'I meant my real name.'

'Okay, Michael.'

John grinned. It should have been strange to hear that name, he had been John for a long time, but it wasn't. Harold said it so sweetly.

'You can call by my real name if you wish,' Harold said.


'My real name is James Birdsong.'

'Huh?' John said as he looked into Har- James' eyes.

'What is it?'

'I always thought Harold was your real first name and you just changed your last name.'

'Oh. Harold was my father's name. I took it as a tribute to him.'

John just snuggled into James' neck; roleplaying might be fun, but being real was the best.

He couldn't wait to roleplay more, but right now he wanted to kiss and snuggle.
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