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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

Over at ds_tradingpost alex51324 requested a flag graphic for their Fraser/RayK post-CotW story The Reaching Out One. Here's what I came up with. Includes excerpt from the story.

Excerpt:'Fraser had surprised him with the flag on the second leg of the Quest. The bottom third of the flag was white, representing snow, and the top was dark blue. The American and Canadian flags were sewn in the top two corners, and in the middle there was a stylized team of sled dogs--a very familiar white half-wolf at the front--racing eternally toward a reaching-out hand. The words "One warm line" were stitched in gold thread under the dogs. It was incredibly lame, and Ray had almost cried the first time he'd seen it.'

I highly recommend The Reaching Out One.

Author's Summary: It's ten years after the events of CoTW (in other words, the present day). After the Quest, Fraser and Ray went back to their regular lives--Fraser as a Mountie in Deline, NWT and Ray as a detective in Chicago, IL. Every year they take their vacation time together and look for the hand of Franklin, the reaching out one, and when they run out of time they put a pin in the map and the next year they pick up where they left off. The story begins with Diefenbaker dies and the whole house of cards crumbles. Ray and Fraser have an adventure, confront their feelings, and rebuild their lives on a more solid foundation.
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