I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy (love_jackianto) wrote,
I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

I am shocked and disgusted

I just thought I'd pass this along.

Over at stop_plagiarism there is a post about wickedplotbunny (she used to 'write' in the Torchwood fandom until she got caught plagiarizing and she deleted her lj account). I knew she'd stolen a few stories, but I am truly shocked and disgusted now that I know roughly how many she stole; almost 20 stories from as many authors (that we know about). She's stolen from multiple fandoms and one published author. You can find a list of stories here. She may even have stolen (hotlinked) icons.

What really makes me really mad is that she had betas for 'her work', whose trust she violated. I'm guessing she used betas because she wanted to appear like a legitimate author.

It really boggles the mind that she put so much work and time into stealing and covering her tracks. Maybe she could have used that time to write her OWN stories.
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