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Due South/Person of Interest: G: Fic

Title: Wolvish
Fandoms: Due South/Person of Interest
Characters: Dief/Bear, Harold and John
Rating: G
Word Count: 172
Summary: Dief can speak wolvish
An: Written for the ds_snippets prompt: translate
AN2: Also here at AO3

here at ds_snippets

Bear laid on his dog bed. Glasses Man was typing on his electronic box while Gray Fur took apart his metal stick.

Bear stretched and settled into the soft fabric of his bead. Dief was next to him and he was so soft and warm that Bear was sleepy.

Dief spoke to him in Wolvish, the ancient language of wolves and their kin. Bear didn't know what the words meant, but he let the awoos and barks wash over him like a warm summer breeze.

He would often have Dief translate it for him and now was one of those times.

'What it mean?' Bear asked.

'Me love you.'

Bear's wagged his tail. 'Same here, buddy,' he said as he nuzzled Dief and Dief nuzzled him.

Maybe later Dief could teach him some wolvish so that he could also say 'me love you' to Dief. The best he could do was to say it in Dogish or Dutch.

If he couldn't say it with words maybe he could say it with doughnuts.
Tags: due south, fic, person of interest

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