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My thoughts on Gotham 4x15

I talk about Gorham and Due South

So one of the goons holding Martin was reading a DC comic and I was wondering what kind of superheroes would exist in a Gotham DC comic. What it be a bunch of superhero knock-offs (Catman, Dogman, Mouseman ect) or what Marvel characters become DC by default?

If Marvel characters stand in for DC, I bet Martin loves Captain America.

Love that Ed called Oswald Uncle Penguin when he came to get Martin. I wish we could have seen them getting ice cream (Martin probably likes strawberry) and I REALLY wish we could have seen an Oswald and Martin reunion, but I guess that’s what fanfic is for.

I love that The Skinner was a little old lady. I love when cold heartless killers turn out to be little old ladies (waves at The Nautilus in Due South). Speaking of Due South, one of the big things in the show is Partnership is Like a Marriage and if that’s true Ed and Oswald’s marriage is about trust now and that is ‘my hot purple (and green) jam’, to steal a phrase from Lord Boxman (ok ko let’s be hero). I just want Ed and Oswald to be murder friends again.

It was so touching that Oswald talked about how much he trusts Ed and it was at The Pier of Doom no less. I can’t be sure, but I’m pretty sure that harp music was playing in the background of that scene.

The title of this episode was called ‘The Sinking Ship The Grand Applause’ but it should have been called ‘The Sailing Ship Nygmobblepot (co-piloted by Cory and Robin) The Grand Applause.
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