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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

Deadpool Box Unboxing

Deadpool Box Unboxing Picspam. I ordered the Funko Mystery Box from Amazon.com

Let’s see what we’ve got.
 photo C62A39C1-3696-4632-9B3E-820F2D7FEB20_zpsmzhgvfyx.png

We’ve got unicorns! Nice!
 photo 04B47727-EBA1-4718-A2FF-5BD74344BFEA_zpsdixsajq6.png

 photo B19311D3-B97E-4529-9DE5-8D2E7522F446_zps4ueadc51.png

 photo 5190945D-79B5-49B2-8B51-ADBBE425AEE1_zps1cuaknbf.png

I think this bus is supposed to be a Funko Pop stand
 photo 4B15EE13-EAB8-4F1B-966D-14E97D0FEB06_zps1okmuzrq.png

 photo 7436F000-01F1-488A-9C53-71CC8DF8D64B_zpsvnlzzeko.png

Deadpool luggage tag? Somehow I think Deadpool would like that.
 photo 4E1EA4FC-C083-41FF-8F79-5F0AB9F39B26_zpscuuhue6p.png

This is totally going on my keychain.
 photo 6ADF5F21-F609-4559-9695-0C42C19CA776_zpsfn97gcao.png

All and all it was a great haul.
 photo 38DFD069-67B3-4B9B-969C-82DDAD1EFE6E_zpsacrome7q.png
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