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Drabble: The Shortest Distance

Originally posted at slashtheimage for challenge one: A picture of a stone staircase leading to a temple.

Title: The Shortest Distance
Author: love_jackianto
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters/Pairing(s): Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness
Rating/Warnings: PG/None
Wordcount: 100
Disclaimer: Torchwood is not owed by me, but I like playing in the sandbox every once in a while.
Prompt: 001. What inspired me to write this was when I saw the picture of the path it made think of how linear time (in this case history) is a path too. Unbetaed, so feel free to point out any errors.

As a child, Ianto loved learning about history. It was something he could understand. He considered history to be a straight path; people live, create things, then die. As an Archivist, Ianto's job is to catalogue and categorize the objects people leave (or will leave) behind. He feels like a guardian of pieces of history.

Sometimes, on those rare nights when Jack sleeps, Ianto will look at his mysterious lover and wonder what it must be like for Jack. Jack's history isn't a straight line, but something that curves in on itself, like a silk tie tossed on the floor.
Tags: drabble, jack/ianto, torchwood

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