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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

Drabble: Amber and Steel

Title: Amber and Steel
Character: Owen.
Rating: G
Written for the tw100 prompt: Celebration Redux- Not So Happy Reasons
Spoilers for Fragments.

Owen leaned against his kitchen sink. He pulled a bottle of whiskey out of a bag. As the paper bag fell to the floor, it fluttered like the butterflies Katie had loved.

Katie always told people they had met on a blind date. All Owen remembered about their date was the red neon sign above the bar, and the look on Katie's face when he threw up on her shoes. The smell of whiskey reminded him of her laughter.

'Happy Anniversary, honey,' Owen said, as he tipped the bottle into the sink and amber coloured liquor splashed against stainless steel.
Tags: drabble, owen, torchwood, tw100
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