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Drabble: Let's Talk

Title: Let's Talk
Due South/Torchwood crossover
Characters: Fraser, Dief. Mentions Ianto and Gwen.
Rating: G
Written for the tw100 Reverse Fandom: Heroes (episode title: Let's Talk).
Summary: Fraser and Dief have a conversation about Dief charming one of the Torchwood ladies.

Fraser let out a sigh. Helping Ianto to organize the archives was more time consuming than he had anticipated.

Dief tried to lick a brown smudge off his muzzle, with limited success. Fraser noticed that Dief looked rather plump. Gwen had promised not to let Dief have any more take-away, so there was only one conclusion.

'You should be ashamed. Taking advantage of her affections because she gives you barbecue sauce.'

Dief whimpered.

'What could you possibly have in common? You're not even the same species.'

Dief barked.

'Now you're just being ridiculous. Why would a pterodactyl even watch baseball?'
Tags: dief, drabble, due south/torchwood, fraser, tw100
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