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Picspam: Fraser/Ianto

Fraser/Ianto picspam. Eleven small screen caps.

Title: Twenty Two Ways Fraser and Ianto are alike.

1. They both have similar faces/hair styles*

2. They both have only ever loved one women.

3. They both wear a very strict uniform to work.*

*1and 3 were also suggested by Jo02

4. They both wear similar outfits when they're undercover. Notice the open shirts and the man jewelry.

5.You don't want to make either of them mad.

6. They both look good in red.

7. They both have animal companions that like chocolate.

8. They both have adorkable moments.

9. They both have experience with buddy breathing.

10. They both get down with their bad selves.

11. They both have a strange sense of humor.

Fraser: Although, you know, I'd imagine they'll have a dog sled at the border in case we get stuck. (The Man Who Knew Too Little)

Ianto: It's narrowed the numbers down. I could check through the rest. You know,
the old fashioned way... with my eyes. (One Day)

12. Suggested by szm
They both believe in the 5 P's (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance)

Ianto: Ok so that is your only specialist equipment?
Jack: Yeah. 'Cus I keep dinosaur nets in the back of the SUV.
Ianto: Torchwood London would have...

13. Suggested by diabolicalfiend
They both have a thing for their bosses.

jo02's suggestions
14. They both brought their very unusual pets to their current job.

15. They both seem to 'know everything'.

16.They both are fiercely loyal.

17. They both live for their jobs.

18. Both jobs have cool cars that aren't actually theirs.

19. Both use politeness/manners to get what they want/need.

20. Both came to their current jobs from more professional workplaces.

21. Both came to their current jobs through the death of someone close.

22. Both have seen the 'ghost' of that loved one since they died (Lisa in EoD)

Cyber Women screen caps by marishna and time and space.co.uk All other screen caps were made by me.

Thanks to jo02, diabolicalfiend and szm for suggestions on what I could add to my original list.
Tags: due south, due south/torchwood, fraser, ianto, picspam, torchwood
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