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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

Drabble: The Troubles

Title: The Troubles
Characters: Ianto and Myfanwy
Rating: G
Written for the tw100 prompt: Reverse Fandom: Star Trek: Episode: The Trouble With Tribbles.
Summary: Klingons aren't the only creatures tribbles hate.

A screeching sound echoed through the Hub. Ianto ran to the middle of the Hub and found Myfanwy covered with creatures that seemed to be nothing more than lumps of fur. She was trying to fly away, but the creatures were holding down her wings. The creatures, Ianto called them troubles, were making a high pitched noise; Ianto was reminded of the time Jack tried to sing karaoke.

Considering that Ianto had just had to stop Jack from rubbing one of the troubles in an inappropriate place, at least he thought it was inappropriate, it could have been much worse.
Tags: drabble, ianto, jack, tw100

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