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Snippet: Wings of Desire

Title: Wings of Desire
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 300
Summary: Set after 4x22. Castiel lets his vessel's soul go and learns why every vessel has to have a human soul in it.
Written for the slashthedrabble prompt: Twist.
Spoilers: 4x20 and 4x22
AN: Sequel to (Un)comfortably Numb

White light surrounded Castiel. Next to him, Chuck was shaking as badly as the walls of his house.

Castiel closed his eyes and unwrapped his Grace from around Jimmy's soul. If Jimmy's body was going to be destroyed by Michael's cleansing fire, at least his soul wouldn't witness it.
Michael had let Castiel keep his essence; at least he had one ally. The voices of the rest of his brethren were silent.

When Castiel arrived at the church, Lucifer was a pile of ash. Sam and Dean were covered in blood.
The Impala was parked at a gas station. Inside the car, Castiel scratched his wrist raw. Ever since he had released Jimmy's soul to Paradise, Castiel felt the rough fabric of his shirt against his skin.

At least Castiel knew why every vessel had to have a human soul in it. His brethren would certainly fall if knew how warm humans were and how green brilliant their eyes could be.

Castiel's wings were becoming numb and he stepped out of the Impala. The smell of gasoline made his eyes water. Castiel twisted his tight back from side to side.

As Castiel moved his wings, the stretch of muscles and the rush of blood made him groan. It might have been pain or pleasure. Or both.

Castiel turned around when he heard the sound of foot steps.

Dean was standing not far away. His eyes were fixed of the ground where Castiel's invisible wings had cast shadows on the pavement. Dean moved his wide eyes up to Castiel's face and just stared. Dean's face was red, but not just from embarrassment.

Castiel still didn't understand humans, but he knew arousal when he saw it; Dean had that same look in his eyes whenever he saw a box labeled Magic Fingers.
Tags: dean/cas, slashthedrabble, snippet, supernatural
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