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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

I just have to rec What Happens in Vegas by savingfaith333. It's a completed multi chapter StarGate: Atlantis/Supernatural crossover. It's John/Rodney and Dean/Castiel (the POVs switch between John and Dean). I love this fic because not only does it combine two of my favourite fandoms, but the character interactions are spot on. All the characters from both shows are captured so well that you don't even need to have seen both shows to enjoy it.

Under the cut are my random thoughts about t.v. shows: Defying Gravity, Eastwick, Supernatural season five (no spoilers).

Defying Gravity:
The writer may be very predictable; I pretty much know what the characters are going to do before they do it, but I still watch it every week. The special effects are great and you've got to love a show that uses a fractal in its title card. I doubt it'll last more than one season though, just because I like it.

That show looks pretty good (although it could turn out to be SO bad) and not just because Paul Gross has a shirtless scene in one of the promos. Nicely played, Eastwick. Nicely played. Speaking of Paul, I still can't believe he is in his fifties He looks exactly the same as he did during his Due South days in the early nineties.

Supernatural Season Five:
The more I learn about the new season the more excited I get. It looks like Kripke is pulling out all the stops for one heck of a ride. Now if only I could watch it; we haven't been able to get the CW since we had to switch over to digital and my computer is too slow to get it through 'other means'. *sigh* At least my season four dvds are supposed to come today.
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