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Snippet: Lover's Mark

Title: Lover's Mark
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Word: 300
Rating: PG
Written for the slashthedrabble prompt: Curse
Summary: Even though Fraser knows it's ridiculous, he still compares Ray and Victoria.
Author note: A sequel to Marked.

Fraser stepped out of the bathroom. Images of falling snow and the sound Ray Vechhio's voice as he said, 'Hang in there, Benny', filled his mind. Fraser pushed those thoughts aside and made his way to the kitchen.

As Fraser stepped over piles of rumpled clothes, he couldn't help but think that Ray's apartment was organized chaos without the organized part.

Ray's kitchen was nothing more than a counter that separated his stove, sink and refrigerator from the rest of his apartment.

Ray was sitting at the counter and his hair looked almost golden in the early morning sunlight. The apartment was quite, but the traffic outside was a symphony of blaring horns and rumbling engines. Ray usually had the radio on, but this morning he just mumbled something that might have been 'Good morning.' but it could easily have been, 'Stay out of my way, I need coffee'. Fraser couldn't blame him for being tired. They had spent most of the night engaged in 'various activities' and Ray was not what one would call a morning person.

As Fraser filled his tea pot with water, he felt someone watching him.

'What are you staring at?' Fraser said to Dief.

Dief barked.

'Yes, it is a lover's mark. Ray wasn't asserting his dominance, he was just being overly amorous.'

Fraser heard Ray chuckle. 'Lover's mark? It's not a crime if you call it a hickey. Ya want me to kiss it better?'

Ray came up behind Fraser and wrapped his arms around Fraser's waist. Ray's stubble tickled Fraser's shoulder. As Fraser leaned against Ray, he felt a twinge in his back.

Fraser thought he would be cursed to always be comparing Ray to Victoria, even if it was a ridiculous notion. Ray had Victoria's passion, but he didn't have her darkness.
Tags: due south, fraser/rayk, slashthedrabble, snippet

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