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Title: I've still got that stopwatch
Characters: Ianto POV, Jack POV.
Summary: What might have happened after TKKS. Two connected drabbles.
Word Count: 200
AN: Used dialogue from one scene in TKKS and one reference to 'The Captain's Blog #8' on the BBC America website, but no spoilers.
Betaed by avon09

Ianto POV
'There's quite a list'... really not my best line, but it's worth it to see that brilliant smile on his face when he realizes what I am referring to.

He asked me to do this once, but I declined. I've done this before, just never with another man.

Jack was right; doing this with him is very *interesting*.

I wanted to try and break my record of doing this continuously for 47 minutes, #2 on the list, but the stopwatch got broken.

Now that I'm feeling much more comfortable, I think it's time I show Jack a move or two.
Jack POV
'I'll send the others home early'... I wouldn't mind giving the rest of the team a show but Ianto would never do *it* in front of them; especially Owen.

It was a pain moving that desk so we'd have enough room, but seeing Ianto 'cute suit ' Jones move like this; it was worth it.

I'll have to replace the stopwatch. I stepped on it whilst moving that desk.

Ianto told me he was good, but I had no idea he had such stamina. 15 minutes and not even breathing hard. Oh, to be 27 again.

I love swing dancing!

AN2: I big thanks goes to fatgirlchicken for giving me the idea to write the same scene from different POVs.

Comments are always appreciated.
Tags: drabble, ianto, jack

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