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An idea that would not leave me alone. Torchwood Ficlet

Title: Two (of the many) ways Ianto makes people happy and one Owen makes him happy.

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Doctor, Owen.

Summary: A silly little unbetaed ficlet about foot rubs, banana smoothies and exploding alien. Hope you enjoy it.

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Don’t own Doctor Who or Torchwood. If I did Owen would have to get Ianto’s coffee.
“Oh. Don’t stop,” Jack all but moaned as his back arched and he fisted Ianto’s white cotton sheets so hard his knuckles turned pale.

“Really sir you act as if you have never had a foot rub before,” Iantos said as he continued to knead Jack’s foot.

“Never one like that. Where did you learn to do that?”

“Must be another one of my many talents, Sir.”

“Fantastic, absolutely fantastic.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“What do you call this again?”

“A banana smoothie, Doctor.”
“Sod off tea-boy,” Owen said as he bent over his autopsy table just about to cut into a squishy green alien.

“I just thought you might want some assents.”

“Don’t you have coffee to make.”

Iantos walked away and turned around just in time to see the alien explode. It covered Owen in bright green slime and it took all of Iantos’s will power not to laugh, at least until he was well out of Owen’s hearing.
Tags: doctor who, ficlet, ianto, jack, owen, torchwood

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