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30_snapshots. Prompts: Dust and Wind. Drabble and Fanart ( pencil)

Title: Dust and Feathers
Author: love_jackianto
Character(s)/Pairing: Future Cas
Theme: Theme 01: Elemental
Prompt(s): Dust (drabble) and Wind (pencil fanart).
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't Own
Spoilers: The End
Summary: Cas' grace slips away.

A cold wind blew through Camp Chitaqua stirring up dust and dry leaves. Cas shivered and wrapped his coat tightly around himself; he wished he still had his old, thick trench coat. Technically the coat had belonged to Jimmy, but considering he was about as dead as Sam, the angel Castiel and non-Fearless Leader Dean were, the point seemed moot.

As Cas stood in the cold trying to keep weight off his broken foot, he thought he felt a sharp pain as his last feather got caught by the wind and flew away along with the last of his grace.

Tags: 30 snapshots, castiel, drabble, fanart, supernatural

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